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SoulPancake Sunday

Life's Little Lists: Worth Pursuits

What 3 activities do you find most meaningful?
These 3 are on the top of my head right now:

1. Redesigning/tweaking my blog. I find swimming through HTML and CSS codes therapeutic for some reason. I always find something wrong with my blog's design and I spend ridiculous amounts of time adjusting things, editing icons, changing the layout and I feel so damn accomplished after. Is that weird? Of course our personal space in the world wide web also, in a way, represents a part of who we are so I try my best to make everything look spick-and-span or at least, decent.

2. Trying something new. This year, I promised my self to get out there and step out of my comfort zone. I find it exhilarating when I am given a chance to do/taste/see/try anything I haven't before. I give myself a pat on the back (or on my shoulder, much reachable lol) when I get to blog about new experiences in my life.

3. Catching up with my family or close friends I haven't seen for a long time. I admit that living here in Makati makes going home to Cavite such a hard thing to do. I try to go home as much as I can (3 to 4 times a week tops) but there's moments I skip it because getting out of Cavite will take you at least 2 hours. When I am home though, I spend as much time with my mom/dad and brother and just talk about everything. I love that feeling. This goes the same with friends that I haven't seen in ages. I hope to see the people I miss so much soon.

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