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Mitsuyado Sei-Men

We were craving for ramen last week so we decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I have no knowledge about Japanese food aside from the what Tokyo Tokyo offers. Hehe. I was just never fond of sushi, maki or dumplings, and I don't know how to use chopsticks. So where did my craving for ramen come from?

"It's haaaaaaam!" - Ponyo
There's just something so appealing with the way they draw food in those Japanese animated movies. And yes, I did get hungry by just looking at that. We were supposed to go to Ramen Cool in Kapitolyo but I thought why not somewhere around Makati na lang? With the help of the all powerful Google, Mitsuyado Sei-Men caught my attention.

Under the name Mitsuyado Sei-Men comes the description House of Tsukemen so I thought ramen's not their specialty. I was intrigued with the Tsukemen craze after I read about it at different blogs so even though I craved for ramen, I didn't pass up the chance to try it.

I did not expect the inside to be like this... very old world Japan! Don't get technical on me and ask me to specify which era because I suck at history (and geography hehe) but it's like a place straight out of a scene from an anime. Can't stop myself from taking photos because I loved the way they decorated the place. We felt like we were transported back in time. Hahaha. Also, I was half expecting the place will be packed with people, fortunately for us, it's not.

After they got our orders, we were asked if we wanted hot or cold tea, we preferred the latter. And here are our picks:

Gyoza (PhP 180). We found this delicious! There's actually 6 pieces per serving but we were so hungry we immediately munched on it before I even thought of whipping out my camera. We both loved how the wrapper was light, slightly seared on the outside and it was thinly wrapped around the ground pork filling. It's a bit loose though, they could stuff a little bit more in. The gyozas were quickly wiped out of the plate as soon as it got served.

Char-Siu Ramen (PhP 360 - Regular, Php 400 - Large). The large bowl serving is definitely good for 2-3 people. Marion liked it but wasn't able to finish it. He wanted to eat beef ramen but from what they've told us, they don't have beef ramen. *insert sad face here*

So he opted for this instead. As you can see, the broth is really not that thick (ala lomi) but I guess the broth was too rich for him. He told me he wanted something a little bit lighter. On the other hand, I found it very, very tasty and those thin slabs of pork was just so good great! It was absolutely tender and perfect. We ended up eating just the pork slices because it was damn good.

Cheese Sauce Tsukemen (PhP 310 - Regular, PhP 350 - Large). Fun fact! The Japanese term tsukemen (ramen's weird cousin), means "dipping noodles" and that's actually what you're going to do before you eat the noodles. The noodles are definitely thicker and you will be asked if you want them hot or cold. As the crew explained, the hot noodles are expected to be soft and the cold ones are al dente.

So here's how you should eat it: Mix the cheese sauce with your noodles first. Grab a small bunch of noodles (with your chopsticks or fork, silly) and dip it in the soup that came with it. AY NAKU! It tasted so good! I have no idea what that soup's made of (hahaha) but it was a sure great combo with the cheese-smothered, chewy noodles. The tonkotsu broth's flavor is a bit concentrated but it's still delicious. The flavors on my palate were completely new, it was such a delight! Just don't dip a big chunk of noodles at once. Chances are, some of it's going to be left on the bowl of soup longer and it'll affect the noodles' quality, and the broth's flavors will become overpowering.

Also, next time we eat there, I'll have my noodles hot instead. Cold noodles aren't such a joy to eat after some time--even if/especially when it's covered in cheese.

Our meals were definitely heavy and filling. I wanted to have dessert and try their Sumiyaki Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream but I was afraid I might not be able to finish it.

We are not Japanese food loving people but dining at Mitsuyado Sei-Men was indeed another gastronomical satisfaction! Another first for us!

Mitsuyado Sei-Men (House of Tsukemen) is located at 22 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati City. Get in touch with them by calling (02) 511-1390.


  1. ramenn!! Waw natuloi rin, sa wakas.. Managinip ulit si boypren ng ramen, for more..


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