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Familiarity, I think, is one of the things that lets us be at complete ease with the presence of another human being. You are familiar with each other. You may know each other's routines everyday, you may know a big messy chunk of this other person's life (and vice versa) and you may have …

Mitsuyado Sei-Men

We were craving for ramen last week so we decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant. I have no knowledge about Japanese food aside from the what Tokyo Tokyo offers. Hehe. I was just never fond of sushi, maki or dumplings, and I don't know how to use chopsticks. So where did my craving for ramen come from?

"It's haaaaaaam!" - Ponyo
There's just something so appealing with the way they draw food in those Japanese animated movies. And yes, I did get hungry by just looking at that. We were supposed to go to Ramen Cool in Kapitolyo but I thought why not somewhere around Makati na lang? With the help of the all powerful Google, Mitsuyado Sei-Men caught my attention.

Under the name Mitsuyado Sei-Men comes the description House of Tsukemen so I thought ramen's not their specialty. I was intrigued with the Tsukemen craze after I read about it at different blogs so even though I craved for ramen, I didn't pass up the chance to try it.

I did not expect the inside to be like this... very old world Japan! Don't get technical on me and ask me to specify which era because I suck at history (and geography hehe) but it's like a place straight out of a scene from an anime. Can't stop myself from taking photos because I loved the way they decorated the place. We felt like we were transported back in time. Hahaha. Also, I was half expecting the place will be packed with people, fortunately for us, it's not.

Hello, Hello~

The past 2 weeks has been so crazy busy that I even haven't had the time to sit down and come up with a blog worthy post. I'm not complaining though. Okay, well, I complain sometimes when I get an awfully hard task but still, work has to be done. And at the end of the day, I could say that…

How To Be a Good Food Pornographer

This article by JJ Yulo was originally posted in spot.ph last February 7, 2013. I found the article spot on, especially right now where everybody shares and overshares. Almost anyone could be a blogger in this day and age if he/she would like to and anybody can have his/her opinion posted online w…

Take 2: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Around December last year, I first visited this newly opened cupcake shop in Glorietta that is earning a buzz in the worldwide web right now. I blogged a sort of preview but never really got to post complete details because I didn't have the chance to dine in there.
Last Saturday, we went to G…

SoulPancake Sunday

Life's Little Lists: Worth Pursuits
These 3 are on the top of my head right now:
1. Redesigning/tweaking my blog. I find swimming through HTML and CSS codes therapeutic for some reason. I always find something wrong with my blog's design and I spend ridiculous amounts of time adjusting thing…

Cupcake Lab

If you have read the things I posted here before, you're probably going "OMG Trish, that's why you so fat!" right now, or if you googled (yes, that's considered a verb now!) "Cupcake Lab" and somehow ended here, I can provide you some useful information.

Okay. First things first. Since this post's been put up today (DUH), February is not No Blogging about Food Month. (click here if you have no clue what I'm jabbering about.) Just so we're clear. Heheh.

Another cupcake shop. Yes. I don't know why lately I've been obsessing about trying every cupcake shop in town, and knowing which one is the best has been like my mission in life. I just can't resist sweets. I can't. And thought of trying out a new shop excites me.

A week ago, a friend and I headed to Podium after work to try what Cupcake Lab has to offer. The name has a scientific ring to it which made me more curious.

The cupcakes just looked gorgeous. Yep, not cute but gorgeous. Not your usual cute-as-a-button cupcake shop right here. I was asking before why cupcake shops were all in pastel colors with cutesy little things and dainty appearances. This was definitely different. I was pleasantly surprised with all the red and the black. We were bombarding CL crew Ate Judy with questions and she gladly answered every query. We were able to try some flavors first because they had those mini cupcakes (no, not for free! lol). I was just a tad disappointed that the flavors I wanted, Tiramisu (huhu) and Ferrero (double huhu), were not available. But still, I bought a box of 6, there were many flavors to try!

From top left, clockwise: Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip, Green Tea, Peanut Butter Smores, Oreo Surprise, Red Velvet
Sexy packaging LOL
The first one I ate was the Cheesecake but I was so disappointed. Priced at PhP 100, it costs even more than the other flavors but I didn't like it at all. It's too pricey and not a bit delicious, no saving grace whatsoever. That's all I can say about that. One down, 5 more to go!