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Sophie's Mom

If you haven't noticed, I'm quite in a cupcake-hunting and cupcake-eating fixation lately. Sophie's Mom is the third cupcake shop I've tried for the past one and a half months, and I'm beginning to think that SM Megamall could be my wonderland.

Sophie's Mom has been around for quite a while and I don't know why I haven't tried it out. I found their cute stall in SM Megamall A (a few steps away from National Bookstore) and was quickly drawn to it.

Sometimes I wonder why do cupcake stores have to be all dainty and cute all time time? And why are the colors always baby pink and baby blue? (Refer to this screen shot.) I even googled why are cupcake shops cute once but found no answers.

There are a few flavors to choose from when I got there. A queue was also building up so it definitely aded to my curiousity. I also found out that they also sell cookies (there's also red velvet cookies with frosting on top yayyy), pastries and mochi balls (they've got a red velvet and cream cheese mochi ice cream)! I could just squeal in delight!

Yes, I know, cupcakes are everywhere nowadays. It's like the milk tea craze all over again, everybody's joining the bandwagon. But sweet treats hold such a special place in my heart that I cannot pass up the opportunity to discover another brand that may (or may not) top my all time favorite, House of Silvanas' red velvet cupcake. Heh.

I absolutely did not regret getting 2 Red Velvet Cupcakes. It was absolutely delicious. The cream cheese frosting on top indeed tasted like cream cheese, in fact, I think it may be pure cream cheese because it certainly tasted that way. How cool is that? Most red velvet cupcakes I've tried lost the 'cream cheese' flavor of the frosting because it has become too sweet. I am so glad that, that's not the case with Sophie's Mom. Another plus, the chocolate chips in the cake! It was such a surprise and a nice touch to an all-time favorite. Everything is balanced and the cake was very moist. I highly recommend this!

The Green Tea Cupcake was unexpectedly good. I was really curious about how they would translate the much celebrated drink into a confectionery. It was certainly something different but the good kind! Most people don't like green tea but this is worth trying. The white chocolate and green tea somehow blended and tasted well together.

The Rainbow Burst Cupcake is an absolute eyecandy, don't you think? It can certainly brighten up your day. Not a personal favorite though. It just lacked flavor that I was expecting and there was quite nothing behind the happy, vivid colors. I just wish there was more flavor when you sink your teeth in this multicolored goodness. But this cupcake can truly make anyone smile just by the mere sight of it.

I think Sophie's Mom's claimed the number one spot for the best red velvet cupcake I have tasted. And I will certainly come back to try more of the flavors they offer. There's just so much more! I think the cupcakes are fairly priced considering it's quality. A new favorite!

Hopefully, I would get to visit their main branch in San Antonio Village very soon.

photo from http://heftyfoodie.wockynest.com

Sophie's Mom Bakery & Confectionary is located at G/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Julia Vargas Ave Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

Other branches are in San Antonio Village, Makati City, SM Southmall and SM North Edsa The Block.

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