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Self Challenges for 2013

This might be a bit late but I've realized it's been quite a while since I've written something personal here. One can quickly assume that my personal space in the interwebs is a ~*~food blog~*~ simply by seeing the frequency of food entries. I try to write about as much topics as I can but most of the time it involved eating. (Hehehe.)

I was browsing my older posts and I kind of miss the times when I post photos from my bus rides to work, those lists of things to do and those where I just simply speak my mind. After all, that is the point of creating a blog. Don't get me wrong, I love my gastronomical pursuits but I think I'd also like to blog about something else. It's time to mix things up and do something new.

So here's a list of self challenges that I would like to start this year (and hopefully finish this year, too):

I've been meaning to do this for a long time now. I'm still trying to figure out what specific project it'll be. I'm currently doing a sort of photo project but nothing too grand. I take pictures of the people I sit next to when I'm on my way to work/home or just anytime I'm in a public utility vehicle. I've posted all the photos in my instagram acccount and I'm thinking of compiling everything and posting it here on my blog as well.

Last year's workshop with CraftMNL exposed me to DIY glass etching. It's fun and it's so much better when things are personalized. I'd like to attend more workshops and learn more knowledge about different crafts. There's just tons out there waiting to be discovered. I know I don't have much creative juices flowing but I'd really like to try to be all artsy craftsy.


I am alloting a specific month in the remainder of the year for this. I will still blog as frequently as possible on that month about everything else except food. This, I think, will be the hardest challenge as I have to find other things/activities to write about.

What things would you like to do different this year?