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2012 was the best year because...

image credits to: Africa Fanlo

Countless times I've pointed out that 2011 was the most confusing period of my life, but after all the shit that's happened, the higher powers blessed me with an absolutely fantastic year that was 2012. Fantastic doesn't even begin to cover it because it was the most unexpectedly happy 366 days out of my 26 years of existence.

So let me lay down the points that made this year super great:

1. Got promoted.

I was a call center agent for a year and 2 months when I decided to apply for the position Real Time Analyst, which was a part of the Workforce Management. I know it was short-lived (lol read along what happened) but I felt that sense of accomplishment, that I can do anything. We all have these preconceived notions of the responsibilities of an RTA but you honestly have no idea what's happening inside. It was one of the most challenging jobs I had. It was also great to be a part of this team of youthful, happy people.

2. My first airplane ride!

Finally! Hahaha. We went to Puerto Princesa last March (was with my family) and it was so much fun! I quote myself, "It was the most outdoorsy I could ever get!" I was able to meet relatives too! It was really good to go out once in a while and absorb the beauty surrounding you. I hope this year I can travel again. Keeping my fingers crossed.

3. Moved in with friends. To the big city we went!

I had a taste of semi-independence when I decided to live in Makati with my college friends. It's still an hour's ride away from where I work but it's hands down more convenient than the daily hustle here in Cavite. Living in a unit I pay for (a third lol), utility bills, figuring out what's for dinner, laundry, etc. Definitely made me feel like an adult. But I have to admit I got tired of eating fast food!

4. New work + New friends

In the end, it all boils down to the greener pasture. I'm now working at another company as an editor. So happy to spend the holidays at home as opposed to what happened last year. We were on holiday vacation from December 22! Yay! What's best about this already great job are the people I'm working with. I'll never forget how I spent the last 3 days of 2012 with most of you! Super wasak moments!

5. Went to new places... and blogged about it!

My love for good food really took me to places this year! I was really happy I got to go out more, spend more time with my friends, and experience new things and new places. I'd give myself a pat in the back (hehe) for being able to blog religiously the entire year about my escapades. Getting a little bit recognized was a bonus! More to come this 2013!

6. Met Taking Back Sunday!

This alone is enough reason for this year to be the best. Of course I am thankful for all the other wonderful things that happened but meeting the band actually sufficed. To watch them perform live was a part of my bucket list thinking I still have a lot of years ahead to formulate a strategy as to how to make it happen. I guess I was damn lucky this year that they decided to come here after their Australian tour. AND YES I WAS GAWDDAMN LUCKY when I got picked to meet them up close and have these (there were actually 3) photos. It was indeed the best night of my life so far.


Some people say that time is just a concept and an illusion of the mind. Well, today's not really that brand new since it's just yesterday's tomorrow. You get what I mean. It's nice to look back at a specific period of time and think of all the things that happened, may it be good or bad.

2012 was certainly a great year for me. Today is the first day of another future and let's hope it will be even better than the year that was. If not, there are more years to come to get things right! :)

Happy 1st of January, everyone!