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Quick Bites: Desserts Edition

Since I am such a sucker for sweets, anything from sapin-sapin to key lime pie to Kinder Bueno, here's a list of desserts/sweets that I've tasted in the past month or so and truly liked love.

1. J.Co Donuts & Coffee's Heaven Berry

There's a reason why you have to spend 30 minutes or more in line just to get your hands on these donuts, they're either really that good or they are simply overrated. For me, it's the former. After my Al Capone and Tiramisu obsession, I quickly fell in love with J.Co's other flavor, Heaven Berry and it's going to stay that way for a looooong time. Marion can't seem to understand why I love strawberry-flavored snacks (Yan-Yan, Hello Panda, Knick Knacks) but have little affinity for the actual fruit. The actual strawberry is too sour for me. I am more inclined to the artificial goodness.

What's to like? Heaven Berry is a strawberry cream filled donut, generously covered with strawberry glaze with a white chocolate swirl. It's not that sweet. Actually, all the flavors are not too sweet. Perfect to satisfy my strawberry cravings.

2. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Red Velvet Ice Blended Drink

I love Red Velvet Cupcakes with all my being and the fact that I can also drink it makes my existence in this world a lot more pleasant. I was expecting though that the drink would be a darker shade of red than this. I really enjoyed it though I was also waiting to taste a hint of cream cheese but it had none. I'm not complaining but they could always improve it, right? Hehe. I still love this drink.

3. Tender Bob's Mango Caramel

Everything I love (except the cherry on top) in one huge ice cream glass! Whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, generous caramel drizzle and of course, mango cubes! Just thinking about this right now makes me crave for it. I've read reviews online that some people usually get sour mangoes, I didn't think mine was though. The crispy graham crackers (wish it were smaller) complemented the smooth vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle. The mango was a refreshing twist after eating all that goodness of well done meat.

How about you, what are your unexpected dessert finds? :)