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Instagram, finally!


[Edit: 04/30/2013] I deleted my Instagram account today.
[Edit: 05/19/2013] I made a new account just because.

Remember that How much does a hipster weigh joke? Haha. No? Okay.

I discovered Instagram way back 2010, I think, and back then it was for iPhone users only. Apparently, Instagram is not ~*~exclusively~*~ for hipsturrs nowadays because it seems that it has become everybody's weapon of choice in instant photo editing. Except me and every other Blackberry user out there. I must say the filters are pretty amazing and I like it because it gives you that instant artsy/creative feel without the hassle of reading through Photoshop tutorials, without knowledge about high end cameras (bokehhhh~) and without actually owning an analog camera for the lomo effects. Plus, I think it's a great way of capturing everyday events. Technology is amazing! I admit it, I'm guilty, but we all know of course that nothing beats the real thing.

Finally, I have acquired a phone that enabled me to join the Instagram bandwagon. And lately, I've been editing the shit out of my camera photos. Hehehe. Cool stuff!

What's your Instagram username? ☺


  1. I've joined Instagram just recently and am enjoying it, sharing random photos with friends and family. In a way, it's like updating them on my life na rin. :) @edelweiss_19 on IG

  2. It's quite addicting, actually. Hehe. I'll go ahead and check out your account, edelweiza! :)


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