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Sonya's Garden

I've been living in Cavite my whole life, you'd think I have been in to every place here but sadly, that is not the case. I've been to most places here since I live in Bacoor, I practically live in Imus (we are somewhere in the middle of the two), find solace in Tagaytay, and worked in both Carmona and Rosario. 

I convinced my parents a week ago to go out for the weekend, and also to have a post birthday celebration for my brother, who is now 29. Hehe. The family's favorite escape is going to Tagaytay but this time I asked insisted for us to try something new. (Well, yes, not entirely new since we still headed south. Haha.) I was so happy they agreed! My folks usually have a busy weekend so I was really happy we could squeeze something in. We all agreed to go to Sonya's Garden (which I thought was in Tagaytay) to have lunch there.

The next day, I went home straight from work, hopped in our car, still wearing yesterday's clothes. It took an hour and a half drive when we finally arrived at Sonya's Garden

I felt like I was in some secret garden/hideaway. The gates were huge and we were greeted by this good dog just sitting in a corner, not minding all the humans that were invading the place. Everything you lay your eyes on here is with a touch of green.

For some reason, Coldplay's Paradise kept playing in my head while I was absorbing the beauty of the surroundings. The place gives you that tranquil and serene ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle (and pollution) of the city. I felt like sitting in the middle of everything and just watch everything move around me. 

The receptionist led us to the Sunflower area (?) so we may be seated and we could have our lunch. I actually love sunflowers. They're just so yellow and happy looking.

The place was just filled with plants! Flowers sprawling here and there, everything felt so simple and lavish at the same time. Complete with water fountains that gave the place a rustic feel.

Simple, beautiful things.
My folks!
Everything is just so intricate. Everything feels so special. Everything just makes you feel wonderful. They really put so much detail on everything. I love it.

From the outside, it looks like a greenhouse, inside everything felt extravagant and lush. With those white draperies enveloping the place. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, wooden chairs (that weigh a ton!) and tables, and of course, the plants that were consistently complementing the whole vibe. The transition of the mood was from grand to elegant.

Since we chose to have a set menu lunch, the Green Salad was quickly served as soon as we settled.

The bowl of Green Salad Greens consisted of arugula (❤), lettuce, carrot shavings (I think) and edible flowers. The toppings included hefty slices of ripe mango, cucumber, melon, turnips and pineapple, shredded hard boiled eggs and crunchy broad beans! Yum! This is paired with the Balsamic Dressing (on top photo) or Sonya's Super Secret Salad Dressing which they should really keep a secret because it was just damn good! 

Along with those mentioned, whole wheat bread was also served with your choice of dips (on the left side of top photo): mushroom paté, basil pesto, anchovies, kesong puti and bruschetta tomato toppings. 

Since you can customize your salad anyway you want, I opted to top it with fruits, egg and kesong puti and drizzled the Super Secret dressing on top!

I usually not eat vegetables but I'm totally sold on this! You can tell that the lettuce and arugula are fresh because they are just to crispy and delicious! I though I did a great job on experimenting with my toppings. Haha. I love it to bits! Finally loved something healthy!

Oh. And before I forget, bottomless freshly squeezed dalandan juice (with mint leaves) was also served. Absolutely refreshing. Another favorite! Their staff diligently refills your glass every time they see it running low. Hehe.

I was already quite full with 2 platefuls of greens but we're just getting started. Hehe. Next served was the pasta:

It was flat pasta served with Sundried Tomato and Chicken Cream with Mango sauces. Toppings were Shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and ratatouille. Fried Salmon belly was also served to complement the pasta.

My creation: White Sauce with chicken chunks (I did not find any mango in it) pasta, Shitake mushrooms, topped with Parmesan cheese, with a serving of fried Salmon belly!
I was the only one who wanted the white sauce, which is very fine with me. Hehehe. With a dash of salt, this was a delicious, hearty pasta! I wish they served more kinds of cheese (hehe) but it was still great and filling. The fried Salmon belly was just perfectly seasoned, the crisp was just right and you get that delicious fatty texture with every bite.

I was about to pass with the dessert because I was just so full, good thing they serve Tarragon tea. You just don't know how happy I am when they served this. I could not take another twirl of pasta or another bite of fat.

But of course, I had to taste the home made chocolate cake (baked from Sonya's Panaderia). Usually, chocolate is synonymous to a candy or sugar or just basically, sweets. But this cake is sinfully chocolate with the tinge of bitterness to it. Sweet is not how you would define it, I'm sure. It was rich, moist and dense. My mom loved the glazed sweet potatoes but we were just too full to finish everything. 

It was truly a well spent weekend at Sonya's. Since our family doesn't go out often, it was indeed nice to go to place like this with them. The whole experience was refreshing and it deviated with my usual fastfood pursuits. 

Set menu lunch is PhP 610 / head

Sonya's Garden is located at Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite (near Tagaytay)
For reservations, call or text the following numbers:
+639175329097 / +639175335140 / +639175231080

For more information, please visit Sonya's Garden's Official Website