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Snoe's 3rd Semi-Annual Blogger Event

Last Saturday, I went to this beauty bloggers' event in Makati. I am in no way a beauty blogger, I can assure you that, 100%. But what made me sign up and hope for an invite is my affinity for their body spritz. In this post I had before, I professed how I like Snoe's Body Ritual Recipes and Hair Heroes. It was the first line of products that I discovered on my own (or because of the boyfriend hehe) and with every product that they release, I liked them more and more.

Just a rewind, last November 10, I was surprised to see this in my email:

TBH, I was both excited and terrified. I have zero knowledge about fashion and the latest trends in beauty products, what more about what could be considered as a futuristic attire?! I asked friends about it, they mostly told me to wear anything metallic in color, anything with silver. My boyfriend, Marion, told me to buy something that looks architectural or industrial in theme that made me think about a Daft Punk video. Hehe. In the end, I wasn't able to find anything I have the confidence in wearing so I just bought a dress that I really liked. I also asked Cy to come with me because I know I'm going to be all alone in one corner there.

We arrived at the venue and I was just blown away. The place was huge and everybody is all pretty, shiny and all made up.

The house was just gorgeous! We were offered drinks and food right away. A Snoe staff (Cyra) approached us and educated us on all of Snoe's past, present and future products. I must say I thought Cyra was really great and informative. She answered all our questions confidently and she was really bubbly!

Cyra discussing Snoe's present products
Bathroom break. LOL. 
More Snoe Products!
Ms. Jen Diaz, Snoe Founder. She discussed the humble beginnings of Snoe, their current products and future developments of the company. A very informative discussion.
Ms. Nina of Peace Love Happiness. Watch out for this project, it's awesome!
Sea of beauty bloggers. Do you see Shen of shensaddiction.com and Liz Lanuzo of projectvanity.com?
Ms. Jen then handed out the loot boxes to the beauty bloggers and our choice of shade of Rouge Deluxe lipstick and Poudre Extraordinaire finishing powder. I just love freebies! All products that night were also 20% off (yay) so I purchased another bottle of Snoe Body Ritual Recipe (Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch) and Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil.

Me with Ms. Jen!
After a few sips of red wine and chatting with the beauty consultants, we decided to go home since we both had our boyfriends waiting for us later that night. I was also excited to go home and check my freebies! Here's what Snoe had for us:

Packaging was awesome!
1. Snoe Rouge Deluxe (Vintage Rose)
2. BBfied BB Pigment Mix
3. Snoe White Beauty Bar Samples (Green Papaya, Kojic with Glutathione combo, Collagen, Licorice and the new Argan oil with Sea Buckthorn)
4. Poudre Phenomenon
5. Past Present Future Eye Wrinkle Serum
6. Poudre Extraordinaire Loose Finishing Powder
7. Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Cleansing Oil Shampoo
8. HyperFunction Fond de Tient + Serum
9. Parallel Pigments in Grass, Lavender and Honey

Okay. So I have yet to find out how I can use some of the products on the list. But still, I adore the lipstick and finishing powder!

My favorites!
It was a great event as I've learned a lot of things especially when it comes to manufacturing and setting up a business (Thank you, Ms. Jen!) Though obviously, this was not my cup of tea, I had a great time and I realized it's also good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Snoe's definitely on a roll right now, they've released great products so far and their fanbase continues to grow. You should definitely try Snoe Beauty products! Support Philippine brands!

For more information about Snoe, please visit their website http://www.snoebeauty.com  
Snoe Beauty's Official Facebook Page
For Snoe Beauty's list of branches, please click here.


  1. Thanks for featuring peace love happiness & cosmetics! - Nina PLH&Cosmetics

  2. You're very much welcome. Ms. Nina! More power to PLH&Cosmetics!


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