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Off The List: Wingman @ The Collective

Wingman, as defined by the trusty Wikepedia: A role that a person may take when a friend needs support with approaching potential partners. Or by The Urban Dictionary: The original military term, wingman, defined a pilot who supports another pilot in a dangerous flying environment. Today, we honor …

Table for One at Chef's Quarter

Last November 10, I finally had spare time so I dragged myself to SM Megamall after work for a day of strolling. It’s been quite a while since I spent some time to look around and/or buy stuff other than to just go there, eat then go home. After buying a box of donuts, a book, looking through guitars and other appliances, getting star struck at the sight of Ramon Jacinto and asking fabrics prices, I sure was hungry.

I wandered around and found this certain section of the mall where a group of restaurants were situated. After scanning the strip of restaurants, I settled at dining at Chef’s Quarter.

I always like to try something new and Chef’s Quarter was a restaurant I’ve never checked out before. After looking at the big menu posted at the entrance, I thought the prices were certainly affordable plus, the ambiance was really nice.

There were not much people inside so I opted to seat at the couches by the glass window. The food attendant that assisted me was very pleasant and as soon as I settled, she handed me the menu and served a glass of water. I was excited to try their desserts but I thought I’ll just order it after my meal. I also asked her if I can go around and take pictures of the place and she pleasantly said yes.

The Dalandan juice I ordered was served right away, and while waiting for my food, I took quick shots of the restaurant’s interior. The place was indeed homey and elegant at the same time. I love the design of the tiles on the bar’s counter; it reminded me of a quilt.

CRAFTMNL's 13 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift-Making Sessions

I think it's about time I learn how to personalize gifts that I give to my friends. There's nothing better than a personal touch added to an already thoughtful act, right? I saw Erin's article in WhenInManila about CRAFTMNL's 13 Days of Handmade Gift-making Sessions and  immediatel…

Snoe's 3rd Semi-Annual Blogger Event

Last Saturday, I went to this beauty bloggers' event in Makati. I am in no way a beauty blogger, I can assure you that, 100%. But what made me sign up and hope for an invite is my affinity for their body spritz. In this post I had before, I professed how I like Snoe's Body Ritual Recipes and Hair Heroes. It was the first line of products that I discovered on my own (or because of the boyfriend hehe) and with every product that they release, I liked them more and more.

Just a rewind, last November 10, I was surprised to see this in my email:

TBH, I was both excited and terrified. I have zero knowledge about fashion and the latest trends in beauty products, what more about what could be considered as a futuristic attire?! I asked friends about it, they mostly told me to wear anything metallic in color, anything with silver. My boyfriend, Marion, told me to buy something that looks architectural or industrial in theme that made me think about a Daft Punk video. Hehe. In the end, I wasn't able to find anything I have the confidence in wearing so I just bought a dress that I really liked. I also asked Cy to come with me because I know I'm going to be all alone in one corner there.

We arrived at the venue and I was just blown away. The place was huge and everybody is all pretty, shiny and all made up.

The house was just gorgeous! We were offered drinks and food right away. A Snoe staff (Cyra) approached us and educated us on all of Snoe's past, present and future products. I must say I thought Cyra was really great and informative. She answered all our questions confidently and she was really bubbly!

Get your Instax fix at Lil' Whims @ The Collective

Just when I thought I would settle for Poladroid to get that Polaroid effect on my photos, then comes Fujifilm's Instax Mini cameras.
Two years after Lomography hit our shores around 2008 (I think? At least that was the time I first knew about it) and awakened the analog lovers in most of us, …

Philips O'Neill The Construct: Built to Last

Each time you recklessly chuck your headphones in your backpack after every use, you know too well those headphones might not come back to you in one piece. Let’s face it: the backpack, combined with an active lifestyle, is an extreme environment for headphones. Adventurous and active music lovers…

SoulPancake Sunday

I'm a very patient person and I guess, waiting is one of my strengths. Well, yes, I also consider it a weakness because sometimes, it comes to a point that I become passive about some things in my life.
So how long am I willing to wait? It depends on a lot of things.
Material things? There are…

Sonya's Garden

I've been living in Cavite my whole life, you'd think I have been in to every place here but sadly, that is not the case. I've been to most places here since I live in Bacoor, I practically live in Imus (we are somewhere in the middle of the two), find solace in Tagaytay, and worked in both Carmona and Rosario. 

I convinced my parents a week ago to go out for the weekend, and also to have a post birthday celebration for my brother, who is now 29. Hehe. The family's favorite escape is going to Tagaytay but this time I asked insisted for us to try something new. (Well, yes, not entirely new since we still headed south. Haha.) I was so happy they agreed! My folks usually have a busy weekend so I was really happy we could squeeze something in. We all agreed to go to Sonya's Garden (which I thought was in Tagaytay) to have lunch there.

The next day, I went home straight from work, hopped in our car, still wearing yesterday's clothes. It took an hour and a half drive when we finally arrived at Sonya's Garden

I felt like I was in some secret garden/hideaway. The gates were huge and we were greeted by this good dog just sitting in a corner, not minding all the humans that were invading the place. Everything you lay your eyes on here is with a touch of green.

For some reason, Coldplay's Paradise kept playing in my head while I was absorbing the beauty of the surroundings. The place gives you that tranquil and serene ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle (and pollution) of the city. I felt like sitting in the middle of everything and just watch everything move around me. 

The receptionist led us to the Sunflower area (?) so we may be seated and we could have our lunch. I actually love sunflowers. They're just so yellow and happy looking.

The place was just filled with plants! Flowers sprawling here and there, everything felt so simple and lavish at the same time. Complete with water fountains that gave the place a rustic feel.

Simple, beautiful things.
My folks!
Everything is just so intricate. Everything feels so special. Everything just makes you feel wonderful. They really put so much detail on everything. I love it.

From the outside, it looks like a greenhouse, inside everything felt extravagant and lush. With those white draperies enveloping the place. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, wooden chairs (that weigh a ton!) and tables, and of course, the plants that were consistently complementing the whole vibe. The transition of the mood was from grand to elegant.

KangaROOS Color Manila Run 2013

Honestly, I don't like the outdoors or anything that will involve strenuous physical activity.

Fun runs have been all around year long for different causes. I entertained the idea of joining Adobo Magazine's Run After Dark last September because all of the bibs will have different adobo re…