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MoMo Cafe (Ayala Triangle Gardens)

I was back to going home to Cavite this past week for our--my mom and I's joint birthday celebration. I'm now officially 26. Sometimes, I still can't believe it. I feel old, wondering if I had done anything worthwhile in my quarter of a century existence in this planet. I'm 26 and I'm still finding my niche in this world. Let me steer away from such kind of thinking because that is not the point of this entry.

Have you ever heard of the word mal de coucou?

n. a phenomenon in which you have an active social life but very few close friends—people who you can trust, who you can be yourself with, who can help flush out the weird psychological toxins that tend to accumulate over time—which is a form of acute social malnutrition in which even if you devour an entire buffet of chitchat, you’ll still feel pangs of hunger.
That quite nails how I feel whenever I'm in the presence (or absence) of my college friends. *sigh*

I tried to find out what language it was or what it means and I got were "evil cuckoo" and "neck pain." I guess both kind of makes sense. Haha.

Yesterday, after work, I sent them text messages and asked them if we could have lunch together since I miss them already and I wanted to catch up. They all agreed and we decided to have lunch at Ayala Triangle since everybody's within walking distance from there (except me hehe). 

It was lunch time, the strip of restaurants in Ayala Triangle were swarming with people eating and those waiting to be seated. And since we're in queue in Kanin Club (we're number 10 in their waiting list!), we looked around and decided to eat at MoMo Cafe instead.

I loved the place! It had different elements into it but it still looked cohesive, clean and neat. Nothing's out of place. It was spacious, well-ventilated and comfortable. I especially loved the wallpaper that was adorned on one wall of the restaurant. There's also more seats upstairs for larger groups of people.

Joyce and her smirk.
Once seated, we were served with the house appetizer which were 3 slices of what I assumed to be garlic bread (only a very small part was buttered) partnered with a pimiento dip (I think) which I totally forgot to take a picture of. Joyce then ordered these (which took about 10-15 minutes to serve):

Pork Belly Katsudon topped on a bed of "Party" rice (not much of a party happening there)

Boneless Cornflake-Crusted Country Fried Chicken (served with wild mushroom gravy, a mishmash of vegetables, smashed potatoes and a skewered corn cob)
Baked Mac Bolognese
We're ready to eat!
Since all of them were just on their lunch breaks, we didn't bother ordering desserts. They just added a couple of orders of plain rice and an order of Seafood Pesto Cream Linguine. 

We ate the food served while catching up with each other. The laughter was endless. We had food. We were happy.~

We were almost finished with what we had on our table but the rice still wasn't served. It was almost 20 minutes. We relentlessly followed up our orders as their lunch breaks were almost over. The MoMo Cafe staff is actually pleasant, attending to every need their customers had. But there's this one server that when we called him to follow-up again, he yelled out to their kitchen, "Seafood Pesto!" and sarcastically told my friend, "Ma'm, ayan finollow-up ko na po." What a rude prick.

In the end, we had the Seafood Pesto Cream Linguine (and the extra orders of rice) cancelled since they had to go back to work. Another food attendant apologized and told us they'll be serving it shortly. We finished the meal, asked for our bill, paid and left.

It's sad how one unfortunate circumstance like that can ruin the whole dining experience. The food was actually great, I especially liked the flavors of the Seafood Pesto Cream Linguine (though it looked a little sloppy when served) and the Pork Belly Katsudon (forever biased with pork).

In spite of that, I wouldn't mind coming back to try their 3-inch Sweet Glazed Double Smoked Bacon and their array of desserts. The place is great -- with friends or for something more intimate, food is above average, food is fairly priced and there's variety. Oh, and MoMo Cafe is actually a sister company of Mr. Jones!

MoMo Cafe is located at Ayala Triangle GardensAyala Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Makati


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