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Here's another list: Quick Bites!

So what's this all about?

After going through my files here in our PC and in my phone, I noticed that I have a growing pile of snapshots of food (of course) that didn't make it here in my blog for the following reasons:

1. The photos were too limited (no photos of the place, just the food alone)
2. I didn't have my camera with me to take decent photos (BB camera resolution sucks)
3. It's automatic: I always shoot before I eat (don't hate/judge me please) so that's that
4. I made mental plans of somehow showcasing all these photos into one entry here (ehem)

Okay. So those were enough reasons for me to come up with something like this. And I call it Quick Bites! (ang witty ko, no? hahahaha)

Let's start!

1. Sumo Sam (Greenbelt)

Man, this was just so long ago. I went here with Fritzie for dinner on a Sunday night. Also, I love bacon.

Yakiniku Bacon Rice and Sumo Sam Bacon Kani
Serving was huge and food was delicious. Not complaining here since I had all the bacon I can from a restaurant that bears a name that's extremely Japanese! ~Bacon here, bacon there~

2. Johnny Rockets (Robinsons Galleria)
Very Archie comics. Hehe.
I had Spam Burger. We both had Vanilla milkshakes. I forgot what burger he had.
Unlimited fries! Hurrah! Sadly, we weren't able to go another round. We were so freaking full. The burgers look small in the photos I took but they are absolutely not. The boyfriend wasn't even able to finish his burger! Hahaha.

3. Mercato Centrale (BGC)

I was on a dessert frenzy when we went there. I was so excited when I saw a food stall serving Deep Fried Snickers! It's actually not bad! I had the Snickers Almond underneath that fried batter! Yum yum! Thank you, Funnel Cakes!

4. Rodic's Diner (UP Diliman)

My friends from work mostly were UP graduates. One morning, we just decided to eat at Rodic's and I, of course, was excited to try their famous tapsilog! I liked it! I felt like I was in college all over again in that brief moment! Haha!

Hopefully, I can continue making this list. I actually had a weekly list here called "Things I Like Wednesdays" but it's been too long since I last did that. Hehe.