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Happy Birthday, Patricia!

Here are some of the photos taken during my birthday and the days that followed. Nothing grand, nothing too fancy. Just time well spent with people most dear to me. It was such a fantastic week with lots of cake involved.

Unfortunately, I do not share my birthday with anyone famous. Boohoo. John Lennon was born October 9th, missed by a day! That would've been so cool. Haha.

26. So what now? I know things are so much better for me right now. No doubt, 2012 was the best year of my life so far. And last week made it a little more special.

This post is photo heavy and if we've been hanging out the past week, your face is definitely here.

Let's start!

October 10, 2012, 7:00 AM:

Happy, shiny people. (Happy Birthday Part 1)
Empty, air-conditioned buses . Perfect!
Because they were at work when I got home. <3
Surprise birthday cake from college friends! It actually says Happy Birthday, Tzie and Trish. Though I wasn't there on their actual surprise visit. Hehe.
Birthday cake and ice cream courtesy of friends from work. Thank you!
Happy Birthday Part 2!
Birthday breakfast with the boyfriend at Tokyo Cafe. <3
Back to Makati after a few days of spending it at home. Guess the movie on the boob tube!
Lunch date + catching up with college girl friends at MoMo Cafe. <3
More fun times with college friends last Saturday! Thanks Oneil, Quich and Jep!

Favorite find at Powerbooks!
Dinner + movie with the boyfriend last Sunday. <3
A whole week of happy times has passed and I couldn't be more thankful. A big, juicy thank you to everyone who never forget each and every year. And to all my friends that made my birthday this year more special. I'm a year older. Am I a year smarter? Maybe yes, maybe no but it's definitely a year better.