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*Insert FINAL Closing Spiel Here*

A year ago, I completely had no idea what to do with my life. But maybe, just maybe, I know where I am going right now. August 31 was my last working day in that call center company, and it was indeed bittersweet. Some people ask why (leaving 2 months after I got promoted) and other people say it's about time. One thing is for sure: I will never regret being part of the team.

Yes, as you can see above, our client is that big money transfer company. Funny, it was my last day at work and it was the only time I thought of having my picture taken on that spot.

I never expected that I would last more than a year working there but as I always say, people you work with makes a lot of difference. Aside from the relatively high pay, you meet lots and lots of happy people. People from different walks of life. You see, when you're on the other side of the fence, you are automatically prejudiced about the industry. I know I was until I worked as a Support Specialist, which is just another way of saying call center agent. Hehe. What's best was that I was surrounded with people with different perspectives in life. You get to learn so much from them, from their ambitions, philosophies and skills.

I was very unsure of this career path I took, I never knew if I would last a year or a week! Well, the week of training turn to months and that's the time I gave myself an ultimatum that I should get promoted or I'll get out. I did get promoted but I did had to get out at the same time.

Things happened, opportunities came and decisions had to be made--and my choice is to leave. There's nothing wrong with building a life long career in a call center company and there's also nothing wrong with looking for other opportunities. It's always a matter of choice.

I will never regret any minute spent with my Avaya, huddles with my team, split-off rest days, rewards and recognitions, 130 calls a day, impossible customers, funny customers, Filipino customers (haha), waiting for the dreaded QA scores, soft phone malfunctions, 1 minute tardiness, no commission for the month, complete commission every month, team food trips, implementing real time breaks, non-adhering agents (grr), hourly reports, Alt D+F+S, Alt E+S+V, CMS, ever lagging IEX, OT plotting, OT cancellations, 500+ e-mails a day, and of course, all the great friends I met along the way.

Every experience was worth it. Every friend earned was worth keeping.

*35. Beep, beep, beep goes the Avaya.

I'm out.