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Heaven & Eggs

Our working schedules being the opposite of normal, I think we pretty much tried all breakfast joints out there (well, those around the Makati area, at least). We, of course, like those that serve breakfast all day, those that open really early, those that are not that pricey, and those that can satisfy our taste buds. I'm not really big on buffets (since I was quite disappointed with Something Fishy before), maybe that's why I've been dodging eating at Heaven and Eggs all this time. 

Heaven and Eggs is quite known because of their Breakfast Buffet for PhP399++ (as their poster said) but when we finally decided to eat there, we did not opt for their buffet since I'm not really in a buffet kind of mood~ Hehehe.  

The place was really nice, pleasant and bright. Something about the color palette of this place really screams breakfast. There were a quite a lot of people there that time, too. What I didn't get is why the food attendants' uniform were shorts. For me, it doesn't quite fit the picture.

What I had:

I'm not really that adventurous when it comes to picking what I'd like to eat. It was either this or the Longganisang Lucban, obviously, this is the winner. I was surprised that the corned beef was fried to a crisp (that was a first for me) but it tasted good. The egg was bland though, no seasoning at all. Other pros: the mango (I love ripe mangoes!) and tomato sides and the big serving.

It's all good... I think.

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Favorite Things #7

Here's a rundown of the things I've liked the past few days (or weeks hehe):

1. New Product/s - Snoe Body Ritual Recipes and Hair Heroes
The boyfriend was the one using this fragrance until I asked him if I could have it instead. Heh. I loved the scent because it was citrus-y, fresh and light. The scent stays longer and best of all, it's very cheap. I thought it was an imported brand (assuming lol) since I've not heard of it before. After some research online, I learned that it was actually a local brand and they offer a wide array of products. And I found something funny, something that both Snoe's logo and I had in common. Haha.

My shoulder tattoo must be the missing piece to their logo. Hahaha.

Hehehe. Anyway, upon learning of their branch in Cinderella in Glorietta, I immediately went there to explore their other products. I bought another Body Ritual Recipe, this time it was Tropical Cocktail which smells a lot like melon. I love their scents! And I was curious about this other product that's why I gave it a try:

Since it's been a year since my last hair treatment and my hair has turned into this curly mess once again, I opted for this product that may help tame my mane. I've been reading online how Argan oil is great for hair and even help heal damaged hair. Jumped at the opportunity though this costs PhP 499.

At first, I thought it felt "heavy" on my hair. My hair is incredibly thick and an addition of conditioner makes my hair a little poof-ier and heavier than usual (of course, I do rinse my hair). I'm almost halfway through the bottle, alas, there were some slight improvements! My hair feels a bit softer and smoother than before though damage were still visible on the ends. Since it's my rest day, I'm planning to condition my hair for 30 minutes so it can work fully (I usually leave it 5 minutes tops).

Other products I'm curious about: The Good Morning Regimen and Snoe White Extra Strength Kojic beauty bar.

*Insert FINAL Closing Spiel Here*

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