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Early Morning Food Trip: Salcedo Market

My friends just came home from their weekend trip to Marinduque (jealous) and I am here nursing a splitting headache. I was not able to go to work today and there's a ton of things left to do. Nothing's set in stone yet though the inevitable will absolutely happen. My head's painful to the core but I have to grab this time to at least update and reduce the backlog of things I want to share with the world. (I almost sounded robotic there. Haha.)

Yep, been to Salcedo Market around the second week of this month. I was excited to go because it's my first time and I've never been to food markets or such. If you're in the same working hours as mine, you'd really appreciate a place like this. It was a good thing we went there early because that place got packed right away!

We arrived there and went around a few times to see and explore all options that we had. Hehe. It was also my moment to take quick snap shots of the place before I sit down and eat.

First few things that caught my eye.

I had no idea what they were talking about. Hahaha.
The green stuff.
Native favorites
There's also a playground beside the place for the kids!

The only thing with this food market is that almost all the food that was sold was really pricey. I bought a bottle of mineral water and it already cost me PhP 25 considering it was just a regular-sized bottle.

And here’s the food that I bought:

1. Fettuccini (PhP 170)

It was creamy, meaty and delicious. The serving size was also bigger than usual, or more of thicker than usual. Heftiest serving of a pasta dish I've ever seen.

2. Tuna Kilawin 

I forgot how much was this because I wasn't the one that bought it. Hehe.

This is the first time I ate Kilawin as I never really eat food that was not cooked with heat. I thought that this would really taste raw but it was surprisingly good! The vinegar added a nice punch to this dish. And I kept coming back for more. Hehe. Kilawin is delicious!

3. Wagyu Burger (PhP 100) 

Wagyu seems to be an in thing now as it keeps popping up on menus. I had high expectations with this burger but it fell short. It was unreasonably priced in my opinion. The burger was the mere size of a bun, the kind you can buy at your nearest sari-sari store, and it already cost that much. Maybe I should give the other burger stations there a try, eh?

4. Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream (PhP 70 per scoop) 

I don’t think there was another ice cream station there so I automatically gravitated towards their kiosk as I searched for something sweet. They had interesting flavors too: Earl Grey Tea, Olive Oil (what in the world!), Butterscotch Pecan, Milo and Sea Salt Caramel. I originally wanted to try Butterscotch Pecan but upon observation, it seems that Sea Salt Caramel was a best seller. It was a good thing because I love it to bits. There was hints of saltiness that helps bring out the sweetness of caramel even more but the sweetness was not overbearing that you get sore throat after. Hahaha. Two thumbs up to Merry Moo!

Gastronomical satisfaction was once again achieved! There were too many options to choose from ranging from grilled food to Moroccan to Italian to Persian dishes! You can never go wrong here! A highly recommended place to people who really want to experience a food adventure!

Need more information? You can visit Salcedo Market's official website by clicking here.