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Getting your NBI Clearance at Robinsons Otis

My lack of any type of proof of identification (SSS ID, TIN ID, Postal ID and the works) caught up with me as I struggled to at least get an NBI Clearance as early as possible. Before going to any NBI office, I decided to browse the internetz, looking for forums or blog posts that may help me find a faster way of obtaining this precious sheet of paper.

And with the recent revamp of the application process wherein everybody starts as a new applicant, we all heard stories on how people spent countless hours or worst, an entire day just to be accommodated. I thought, “There must be a better way to do this.” So, I removed all trace of laziness in my body and decided I will do this tomorrow. Hehe.

If you’re looking for the fastest way possible, you can try the online application. From what I’ve read in NBI’s official website, you will be asked to pay first using G-Cash (yey), fill out a form and will be asked to set an appointment. Voila! You can go to an NBI office and present your reference number to a special line for those who opted to apply online.

I’m still quite reluctant with this as I’ve never known anybody personally who tried this though I’m reading great reviews on some blogs. For whatever reason you don’t like to try the online application yet and would rather go to an NBI satellite office, one recommendation I can give you is go to Robinsons Otis. I read online  that there’s not much people there compared to those in Robinsons Galleria (crazy, line starts 4:00 AM!) or the Main office. I didn’t risk my efforts of not making it to the 500 per day quota so I went to Robinsons Otis yesterday.

Arrived there around 7:00 AM and I already saw a couple of people in line. I was 15th in line so I already knew I sure will be accommodated. The waiting was the hardest thing! I brought books to help me pass time but I just fiddled my phone the whole time until it ran out of power. Don’t forget to bring refreshments so you need not leave the line in case you get thirsty or hungry. The mall opened around 10:00 AM and we were instructed to go to the 2nd floor. We were given numbers as well to avoid confusing those who waited in line to those who just arrived and asked to sit in an area which was a couple of steps away from the NBI office itself.

We were handed forms and given specific instructions on how to fill it out. Reminders: Write legibly, bring a black ballpen and listen to the instructions provided to you as some information needs to be very specific. Also, they will need you to provide your height both in feet and centimeters and your weight both in pounds and kilograms so it would be better if you can convert beforehand. After a few minutes we were ushered to the office to start the process.

Step 1: Payment
PhP 115 was the amount to pay for Local Employment and Travel Abroad purposes. The fee depends on for what purpose the clearance will be used. It will be better if you can provide the exact amount so everything will be faster.

Step 2: Data Encoding
Hand the encoder the form you filled out together with your valid ID (one ID is okay, they even honor your recently expired NBI Clearance) and double check all the data on the monitor as it is inputted in their software. This is the very information that will appear on your NBI Clearance.

Step 3: Photo Capture and Biometrics
Give your receipt to the officer there and you will be instructed to lean on that white background they had set-up and look at the webcam. When it’s done, press your fingers on the biometrics starting with the right thumb.

Now, here’s the tricky part. You will be given back your receipt after. Don’t forget to check the back of the receipt if they stamped a date on it. I cannot fathom why they won’t tell you upfront that the date indicated at the back is the date you will be able to claim your clearance. Some people waited there clueless that they will not be receiving their clearance that day. If yours was not stamped, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Releasing
Sit down, relax as this may take a few minutes and wait for your name to be called.

The whole process took me less than an hour, as usual, waiting in line ate more time. If you’re planning to go to Robinsons Otis, you may also go at a later time (some recommend after lunch), I’m sure your application will still be processed.

Any other questions?

Early Morning Food Trip: Salcedo Market

My friends just came home from their weekend trip to Marinduque (jealous) and I am here nursing a splitting headache. I was not able to go to work today and there's a ton of things left to do. Nothing's set in stone yet though the inevitable will absolutely happen. My head's painful to the core but I have to grab this time to at least update and reduce the backlog of things I want to share with the world. (I almost sounded robotic there. Haha.)

Yep, been to Salcedo Market around the second week of this month. I was excited to go because it's my first time and I've never been to food markets or such. If you're in the same working hours as mine, you'd really appreciate a place like this. It was a good thing we went there early because that place got packed right away!

We arrived there and went around a few times to see and explore all options that we had. Hehe. It was also my moment to take quick snap shots of the place before I sit down and eat.

First few things that caught my eye.

Flickering rain, wavering sun

The sun is finally here.

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