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A trip down Memory Lane in Tagaytay

Plans to visit this place were made a long time ago and some attempts were, obviously, futile. Boyfriend decided we spend a day in Tagaytay just to relax and stroll around. We started our day early since we also had to be home early so we can rest because tomorrow is the start of another work week. Also, I needed a temporary escape from all the thoughts in my head right now. I just need a little moment of peace.

This 50's and 60's themed resto/ gift shop/ beauty salon is owned by Jolina Magdangal!

At least she's Mrs. Escueta now.
I've heard/read a lot of great reviews about Memory Lane. From what I've researched, it's a family-oriented place (the kids will surely enjoy!) but it's also a super romantic since some people had their engagement and pre-nuptial photo shoots done here. I think the romantic atmosphere is more evident during night time.

Since we're already familiar with the vicinity, we found the place immediately. It's situated next to an exclusive subdivision and there were lots of signs pointing to this destination, don't worry.

This one photo from Memory Lane's Facebook account.
The place has that homey feel to it with the white picket fences and little gazebo with a chimney on the side. All those flowers and plants along the path and sprawling down the walls. It was a visual treat! Actually, visual overload! We went inside to look around (aka take lots of photos), main entrance was the door that said Gift Shop. They offer trinkets, ornaments and basically cutesie patootsie stuff (I can't believe I just said that) you can put in your house. I took photos mostly of the "Country Diner" since we stayed the longest there.

Old school music.

There were just too many good things inside! I was quickly taking shot after shot of the little things hanging here and there. After we ordered our food, I continued on taking snap shots of the place. It was quite a hot day too so we moved outside to the terrace where it's much cooler.

Our faces. Heh.
Details, details, details.
There were also these signages plastered all over the place with witty sayings, clever lines and quotes. Most of them were really hilarious!

Hihi. As for our food, here's what we had:

He had the chicken and I had the fish (plus a serving of rice). I thought the food was a bit pricey for its quality. Don't get me wrong, the food was good but that's also the downside: it was just good. Imagine paying for a mere cup and a half of rice for PhP 50. After food, the photo snapping continues.

I want one for my future home.

The red brick path.
Finally crossed this place off my list. I've been putting off going to this place for too long, hehe. It was a great place to sit back and relax, read a good book while sipping tea. It's an ideal place to do all kinds of photo shoots as well! It was quiet, cool and cozy. Overall, it was worth it. There's a massage parlor and beauty salon somewhere at the back but we didn't bother checking it out. After all, it was by appointment (or was it just the beauty parlor?)

If you're around Tagaytay and running out of things to do, please do visit them!

Coming from the North, you can take those San Agustin or Erjohn and Almark buses going straight to Tagaytay. Ask them to drop you off at the Magallanes Square. Most probably you'll be dropped off across Leslie's. Take a tricycle ride going to Memory Lane (fare for two is PhP 25). You may need to walk while waiting for a ride going back to Magallanes Square since not a lot of tricycles pass by.

Memory Lane is located at Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City.
More information on their
official Facebook page.