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Quick Bites: July Breakfast Food Binge

I am not a morning person but I am a breakfast food person. Well, I consider the first meal of my day my breakfast, no matter what time it is. There's just something so homey, so warm and comforting about breakfast, it instantly makes me feel that my day will be better. Or, it could just be all in my head. LOL.

For this month, I was able to go on an breakfast food eating binge courtesy of da boyfrand because he's really rich and I am penniless. That, and of course he lets me decide where we'll eat when we go out because my choices are impeccable~ hahahaha.

Here's a list of the places we visited for my much needed dose of breakfast:

1. Tapa King

Tapantastic Bowl
When everywhere else is still closed, Tapa King is already open to serve you! Haha. We went here right after our shifts to celebrate my promotion! My other favorite here is their Crispy Liempo. Yummm.

2. Seattle's Best

Pancakes and Bacon
I didn't know Seattle's Best actually served breakfast meals. After we heard mass at Greenbelt, we decided to eat here. Not a very good ending to the story, too. Food was average, everything was pricey (no surprise there) but I really, really loved the red brick backdrop of the place.

3. Something Fishy

No photo of the food because I forgot to take one because I was super hungry. We braved the pouring rain to get here. Haha. I must say, you get your money's worth here. I was looking forward to eating spam or bacon though, but there was none. :(

4. Chef Laudico's BFast

Wagyu Bacon Silog, Triple Meat + Cheese Grilled Pizza and Iced Tea
This is my favorite place as of the moment. The place was very accessible and the breakfast ambiance was great. They also offer Lunch and Dinner buffets at specific days and times. Best of all, of course, they serve all day breakfast! The food was really good, serving was huge and everything was fairly priced. Two thumbs up!

5. Moonleaf Tea Shop

Okay. This might not be breakfast food to you but I had to include it here. I finally was able to visit the The Columns branch yesterday. Okay. Wintermelon Milk tea was absolutely delicious. Okay. I loved it!

That's quite an achievement for me, to dine at these places I've never tried before. People might not get the whole taking-a-photo-of-the-food-before-eating thing but haha, can't help it! There's just this satisfaction I get whenever I go somewhere new and experience it.