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Hi. Yes. I'm/this is still alive.

I wanted to post photos of how the past month has been for me, but due to lack of time, I will try to share everything in words (which I'm aware I'm not very good at).

July has been/is a roller coaster ride. Present tense means I'm still at the edge of my seat with my fingers gripping on the handles. I've never been this blessed before, yes, I am very thankful for everything. But I guess the greatest ironies in life happen when you least expect them to.

I have already decided on how to take things, in which path to take and how I will go about it. The scariest part is always taking the first step. For the second time, I will be leaving behind something/some people whom of great importance to me, making room for changes for self growth. Gah. As I said before, my track record at farewells is really bad but I have to do this soon. The clock is ticking.

I've had the most fantastic times with people, went to places I've never tried before. I can safely say that my next entry would be about breakfast food. Hahaha. Ya know, that's where I frequent lately. Please prepare yourself for a flood of images of my favorite meal of the day. I'm not kidding here.

I miss blogging so much right now. On the other hand, it was quite an achievement that I was able to survive weeks and weeks of being apart from the world wide web, and Facebook and Twitter in my smartphone satisfied my endless craving to always be connected to the internet.

There's just so much I wanted to spill here but I have to end it now because Fritzie has to go, which means the personal hotspot has to go too. :(

Here's a little preview (LOL):

Organic Bacon and Triple Meat + Cheese Grilled Pizza from Chef Laudico's BFast