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Mesa Filipino Moderne

I already drafted (in my mind) how this post is supposed to start. I have been anticipating a dinner/get-together this whole week with my wavemates* to celebrate our first year at work. Not once has our team been out to have drinks or to eat, so, I figured our employment at this company turning a year might be a good reason for us to finally go out. Here's what's on my mind:
I can't believe it's been a year since I made this life-changing decision to shift careers. I was very, very scared of how things would turn out and I was afraid I was making a wrong move. But I now know for a fact that people you work with makes all the difference in the world. And these group of people I encountered made everything easier to adapt to changes, to see there's so much more out there and just be comfortable with myself and everything will be fine.
Dramatic, yes? Something like that. But I have not started this blog post that way, the photo on top is not even a photo with them because, well, everybody took a rain check.

(But guys, if ever anybody of you gets to read this, that's how I truly feel. Hehehe.)

I fret not because I started the weekend with these happy people:

Energizer bunnies.~ Jen, TL Eve, Marjorie (aka Marjune), Che and Keith
Prior to marching our tired, a little sleep deprived selves to Greenbelt, we agreed on watching Madagascar 3  and eating dinner and/or have a few drinks wherever we would feel like it. I saw this sign of the restaurant Bulgogi Brothers that I really wanted to try because I miss eating Korean food but then again who am I to decide (Hahaha. JOKE!) and we ended up eating at Mesa. Hehehe.

Marjune was the one to blame! ~My feelingz were very HURT~ LOLjk. I had to set aside all my cravings for Bulgogi, Japchae and Pajeon because he insisted we try it here and that squid in olive oil dish. But I must admit the place looks nice and spacious and native and homey. A lot of bamboos. It feels so comfortable. We were seated at those orange couches and eagerly, aggressively and hungrily looked at the menu.

What our taste bud craved for that moment:
Baby squid in olive oil, Kare-kare Beef and Tripe, Bagoong rice, Grilled Liempo Mesa Way, Red Horse Beer
Oh, I forgot to take a picture of our Frozen Margaritas. Hehe.

I especially loved the Bagoong rice and of course, the grilled Liempo. Though, Mesa boasts "Filipino Moderne"--something like putting a modern twist to Filipino cuisines. Maybe next time, I can be more adventurous in picking food because they serve hito (catfish), ostrich and duck! But all in all, the food was delicious, the place was great and the staff were every accommodating.

Off we go to the theater to watch (I like to move it, move it) Madagascar 3 (I like to move it, move it)!

I don't know if I had gotten too old for animations or maybe I was just really too sleepy. Maybe the former, maybe both. Some parts were totally hilarious but I dozed off at most parts. Meh, signs of aging.

I am very glad that these people may share the same bottomless stomach that I have because after the movie, they wanted to eat again. LOL. After playing cat and mouse with Marjune (we were waiting for him to come out of the CR and he was waiting for us somewhere else hahahaha), we headed to McDonald's. Though, I decided not to eat anymore to eat a little (hehe I forgot the fries) because I am more of sleepy than hungry at that precise moment. Thank the heavens above.
I was quite glad that we called it a night after that. I was close to being dead tired. But I really, really, REALLY had a great time. I just can't get over all the laughter last night.

I was a  bit disappointed that the only time our wave/team could finally go out didn't push through. Circumstances just don't allow it as of the moment. Tough luck. But then again, the universe certainly knows how to make me feel better. Hehe.

*Wavemates - in the BPO industry, these are the people whom you go into training with but will not necessarily be your team mates when you're endorsed to the Production Department

Mesa Filipino Moderne is located at G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Makati City