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Here comes the rainy days.

As we start a new month, a new season has also arrived. I've always anticipated the wet season every year after months and months of aridity. And boy, did the rainy season greet me with such a surprise! Well, the first two days of rain brought knee-deep flood to our nice, little village making me late for 2 consecutive days at work. Which led me to decide to move to Makati this month so I could avoid such situations again. It was just mildly irritating that while I'm submerged in crappy sewer water, when I get to work it's as if no rain ever touched the ground.

Here's the past week in photos:

(1) The usual cataclysm: My feet submerged in black, nasty water from the drainage system. Mind you, I took this photo inside our house. So yeah, we were flooded. Very. Stop those gasps of disgust! Of course, I washed, soaped, scrubbed and let my feet sit in undiluted 70% isopropyl alcohol for 5 minutes!

(2) The usual morning scene: Last day of waiting for a ride home at 4 in the morning. There sure is a bus ride straight to Cavite but the uncertainty is when it will come. I'm back on day shift for the next two weeks! Yey!

(3) The usual affinity for Pacey Witter: Finally done downloading Season 4 of Dawson's Creek (ugh, 10 GB!) and ecstatic to see Pacey Witter and all his glory again. Who doesn't love Pacey? There's a Pacey in all of the succeeding TV Shows after Dawson's Creek as proven by The Pacey Witter Theorem (Please read that link! Very entertaining and very correct!). Who doesn't love Pacey? Because I really, really do.

(4) The usual rescue of tutorials: I found this perfect Photoshop/graphics tutorial site and trying very hard now to at least practice what I learn. I actually found a whole lot of new websites where I can learn simple Photoshop tricks that can spice up my blog. I really love the internet, it's full of everything I need. Hehe.

New month, new chances! Some goals I have for the rainy month of June:

Perfect attendance and adherence at work. It's been two months since I received a complete commission and perfect attendance bonus that's why I'm behind on some bills right now. LOL. But I promise I will make it through this month without any tardiness! I can do this! I am a little ashamed of myself since my supervisor asked this to be my birthday gift to her. :(

Avoid unnecessary expenses. I am by default a spender and this month, I will try to cut down on everything. I have to pay three different utilities at home so I have to lessen eating at fast food joints, impulsive buying and online shopping unless I really want to be broke before payday comes.

Give independence one more shot. I'm just waiting for some funds and I'm moving out (again) to live with my college friends. My mom already approved of this since it will be better for me if I live near my work during this season. I'm excited spending the next few days with them!

Make things happen! One more shot. One more chance. I'll try my very best this time. Best foot forward, always.