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Food, Friends and Fretfulness.

Cute font doesn't have comma. :/
Oh wow. The past week was such a blur, never got to put anything here. As you all now, I am staying 5 days a week at our little room along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue. Just sucks that we don't have internet connection just yet (currently, we are using Fritzie's iPhone as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to gain access to the world wide web but when she's not around, poor me don't get to have my internet fix).

It's expensive living independently, you know? The bills pile up and I'm afraid I don't have enough to pay for it. Hahaha. I really try hard to cut down on my expenses considering I don't have a bonus the past payouts. It's really hard, at least for me.

Anyway, here goes the week that was:

1. I was around the Ortigas area last Thursday to do something. The something is this thing I haven't done in quite a while (lol) that's why I was dead nervous about everyfuckingthing that day. I just went in there never even had a gulp of water, my throat was so dry because of the nervousness. Luckily, I pulled it off but still no reason to party. I maybe one step closer but the hardest part is yet to come. But after the whole process, I was starving (really) and ordered this at The Cafe Mediterranean. (Edit: This branch is now closed.)

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet because I like cheese on everything.
2. Finally got to fix things for the nth time! Hehe. Even though I say it and I feel it most of the time, the truth is I never ever really got tired. Must be the faith. We met up and just had a quick lunch at Pancake House (because he wanted smoothies and I was in a breakfast food kind of mood). We even had a debate if the girl sitting in the cubicle next to us is Shaira Luna. I really think it's her, I got no photos though.

Luscious Lemon Pancake Peak.
Guess why I ordered this one? Yes. Because it had thick cream cheese in between the pancakes and as I said, I like love cheese on everything.

3. "Tonight / We are young / So let's set the world on fire / We can burn brighter than the sun." Nothing brings back memories more than actually spending time with people you miss. Although, we were never complete when we go out, it is just as fun as if it's 2007. Spent a fantastic evening with my college friends--basically eating, drinking and singing the night away.

I think we got too carried away that night. And we never noticed the time. The best Tofu and Pork I've tasted though.
For this week, I'm back to dayshift! Hurrah! At least I would be of the same working hours with Diane and Fritzie. A lot of things are gonna happen this week and I just need to prepare myself for it. My stomach is tied into little knots everytime I think about it. I just really want to get somewhere. I think it's about time. There's just so many things I'd like to do, I just got to have the resources for it. Everything will happen in time.

I wish I have good news to post here this coming days. Keeping my fingers crossed.