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Food, Friends and Fretfulness.

Oh wow. The past week was such a blur, never got to put anything here. As you all now, I am staying 5 days a week at our little room along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue. Just sucks that we don't have internet connection just yet (currently, we are using Fritzie's iPhone as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot…

7 / 0 = undefined

As defined in Dictionary.com, the word independence means "freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others." I would like to think I have some degree of independence in my life right now as I formally moved in with my college buddies this week. Yay! I am officia…

Mesa Filipino Moderne

I already drafted (in my mind) how this post is supposed to start. I have been anticipating a dinner/get-together this whole week with my wavemates* to celebrate our first year at work. Not once has our team been out to have drinks or to eat, so, I figured our employment at this company turning a year might be a good reason for us to finally go out. Here's what's on my mind:
I can't believe it's been a year since I made this life-changing decision to shift careers. I was very, very scared of how things would turn out and I was afraid I was making a wrong move. But I now know for a fact that people you work with makes all the difference in the world. And these group of people I encountered made everything easier to adapt to changes, to see there's so much more out there and just be comfortable with myself and everything will be fine.
Dramatic, yes? Something like that. But I have not started this blog post that way, the photo on top is not even a photo with them because, well, everybody took a rain check.

(But guys, if ever anybody of you gets to read this, that's how I truly feel. Hehehe.)

I fret not because I started the weekend with these happy people:

Energizer bunnies.~ Jen, TL Eve, Marjorie (aka Marjune), Che and Keith
Prior to marching our tired, a little sleep deprived selves to Greenbelt, we agreed on watching Madagascar 3  and eating dinner and/or have a few drinks wherever we would feel like it. I saw this sign of the restaurant Bulgogi Brothers that I really wanted to try because I miss eating Korean food but then again who am I to decide (Hahaha. JOKE!) and we ended up eating at Mesa. Hehehe.

Here comes the rainy days.

As we start a new month, a new season has also arrived. I've always anticipated the wet season every year after months and months of aridity. And boy, did the rainy season greet me with such a surprise! Well, the first two days of rain brought knee-deep flood to our nice, little village making…