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Favorite Things #6

Nine days ago since I last posted something here. I was kind of stuck with nothing, well, because nothing exceptional was happening. The latter part of last week though was a different story, happenings (and photos) were piling up but I still wasn't able to post anything here since our living room was being repainted. Yes, I do not own a laptop. OK? Haha.

So here's a rundown of the things I absolutely love/d the past week or so:

1. Serenitea's Uji Pyramid Tea Slush

My TL (Ms Eve) from work frequents Serenitea (the one in front of our office) and she highly recommended to me the Uji Pyramid. I usually order the Mango Yakult tea here since I don't really like green tea itself, I was really surprised by how delicious this was, or maybe because it has ice cream in it? Haha! Perfect for the hot, hot heat!

2. Chris Hemsworth

I don't mind you stealing my thunder. >:)
Finally got to see The Avengers (in 3D!) and I am joining/already joined the I-love-Chris-Hemsworth-only-since-I-watched-The-Avengers bandwagon. Whatever. He's such a beautiful, beautiful man. Hehe. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait for Snow White and the Huntsman!

3. Burger King's Lemon Meringue

Pseudo-Key Lime pie
This will suffice until I get my hands on the read deal. Quite pricey though. Oh yeah, everything is quite pricey there in Burger King, I forgot. Too bad it's not always available at the nearest Burger King outlet from where I live.

4. Team foodtrips!

New team, new people, new friends. We had to two eat outs just for an entire week (this and another one in ChicBoy) plus a Friday night drinking spree which I was not able to join since I still have a shift. It's fun being with new people! Different perspective from different folks! It was my first time eating at Sinangag Express, too! I loved the "Special" Iced tea but food was just okay.

5. Weddings

Ira and JC - The Newly weds!
The bride is my high school friend whom I haven't seen in ages. She got married to her attorney boyfriend of 55 months (trivia I got from the wedding, hehe) last Saturday in Silang, Cavite. It was such a happy occasion, the couple were radiating their happiness! Watching the AVPs really touched my heart and you kinda believe that true and passionate love still exists somewhere in this lifetime. Ira and I were seatmates during high school, it was just goosebumps all over during the ceremony. It was also the perfect time to bond with my high school friends!

Grow up, Franklin! - Natz (Hahaha)
Who's next in line? :)

Of course, the one who got the bride's bouquet - Vanessa! Haha!
I had lots of fun that day, it was such a heartfelt moment for all of us who've known Ira for so long. Lots of love, happiness and good health for all of you guys!