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A Night in the Life*

It's no secret I'm a call center agent. A lot of things has changed for me since I began in this industry. Sometimes, I have a love-hate relationship with this work. AAAAND I GAINED A LOT OF WEIGHT. LOL. Here are a bunch of photos that round up a whole work week.

(1) Independence = FAIL. I was an excited little big girl to move out of our house and live with some of my friends from work. A lot of people told me it was a very impulsive thing to do, I guess everybody was right. Long story short: I stayed for a good week (the photo's from our apartment) and went back to coming home everyday. Well, it was not purely my choice, my mom's opinion still weighs a lot on my decisions. It was a good thing my friends from work were very understanding. Heehee.

(2) Bus Scene. Air conditioned buses are my main transportation everyday. And that's basically what I see everyday inside the bus when I get home from work (which is usually early morning). Bodies busy shuffling while I'm drifting off to ZZzzZZland.

(3) KFC's Chicken Ala King. You see, there are only two open fast food joints at our office building during my work hours: McDonald's and KFC. Before I go home, sometimes, I eat this at KFC knowing that when I get home, I will be all alone and so I could go straight to sleep with a happy tummy.

(4) Eating a cheeseburger on a corner. This photo was just taken earlier. I had the cheeseburger to go so I could eat it during lunch at my station but surprisingly, food was not allowed inside the floor for some insane reason again. So, I just sat in a corner and munched down the burger. Haha. And and and! This was my third day of not taking calls, something went wrong with my login ID, so yeah, no work with pay. But we all know good things always come to an end, so I'll probably be back taking calls on Monday.