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Lately, I've been doing a lot of before and after photos. I keep reminding myself of how time went by so fast but for some reason, too little has changed.

Yesterday, since I was on a five-day leave, I decided to spend the night with my two college buddies, Dianne and Fritzie.

You see, we still wear the same old smiles we had during our younger, care-free days that was college. And we all came to a conclusion last night that nothing's really changed with all of us, maybe just more professional looking and a little more polished but if you put these same crazy people in one room, it will definitely still be like the old times.

I had so much fun! We still talked about the same things we talked about during college: Headliner 1 and headliner 2. And of course, the good times. LOL. But since we're all grown up now, we also talked about work and of course, our their love lives. Haha.

They were supposed to be my new (and super secret) food buddies but (For the love of God!!!) they kept on going and going and going and going on last night on their quest to be sexier (LOLZ), no rice/more veggies eating habits, brazilian coffee, red coffee, Biguerlai tea, their fucked up bowel movements and I was just sitting there, dumbfounded and confused! Hahaha. WHERE DID MY REAL FRIENDS GO? HAHA. But maybe that's a good thing also for me to start thinking about that but I'm not really up for drinking all those things again. (I was on Zhen de Zhou during college and I did lose a lot of weight but it has ~drugs~ as per Imbestigador so I am technically a drug addict for 3 months back then, well, a skinny drug addict. Hehe.)

I didn't know they were this serious with their diets, if I had known I wouldn't have ordered Crispy Liempo from Tapa King so it wouldn't be such a pain for them to watch me eat. Hahaha.

Crispy Liempo makes me dorky.
But I totally support you guys and I would probably be envious when you reach your ideal weights (but come on~ we are just curvy women LOL) but as of the moment I am holding you hostage so we can finally eat at Bagnet 8065~! Yehey. Thank you! Such great friends!

I love my friends.