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Always black, a little blue.

Good morning, world wide web!

There must be something quite wrong with the world since here I am, suddenly posting pictures of myself on my blog. Well, originally I was supposed to blog about how I always gravitate towards apparel that's black or gray but I realized fashion is no way near my area of expertise so let me just steer the topic to my great morning and the realizations that came with it. I never really post a lot of photos of myself unless it's my default photo on Facebook but maybe, there's just something about this day. It's quite starting out really fine which  doesn't happen a lot.

As soon as I got out of the office around 4:10 am:
  • There was already a Cavite-bound bus then I was able to be home around 4:45 am. 
  • I bought my dinner (or breakfast for all of you) at MiniStop. Hehe.

  • I was greeted by this new found friend of mine when I got home.
Puppy love <3
  • I was able to blog about my life right now while listening to Taking Back Sunday's Everything Must Go then Call Me in the Morning.
  • I feel super appreciated right now. Really. Thank you very much to those who appreciated. ^____^
See, that's how I like it to be everyday.

Things are going pretty well in my life right now. There's always that window of improvement but my life's never been that bad. But maybe I do complain a lot inside my head, that I would like to do something more with my life, pursue something more permanent, do something out of the box, and in the end, all I can think of is that everything takes time and that I shouldn't rush but also bearing in mind that I'm already 25. Self, please be not as slow as a turtle.

Today is a good day. Don't you think so?