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Banapple (Ayala Triangle Gardens)

It was that time of the month week again when these two call center agents meet to hang out, eat and basically do things that most boyfriends/girlfriends do. Hehe.

Destination: Banapple.

Good thing this restaurant opens early, otherwise we would've been stuck eating breakfast at McDonald's for the nth time in our lives. I love McDo but sometimes, we all would like to try something different, right?

It was a Saturday morning (9:00 am to be exact) and the place was packed. It was quite hot outside so we had to wait to be seated inside the restaurant.

Too many ceiling photos. LOL.
I love restaurants with cute interiors! Details, details, details! But it was still hot inside though, sun was directly hitting the resto. We ordered food right away after we got settled and while waiting, I showed him the camera color filters I bought.

Off The List: 8065 Bagnet

(As part of my My Places To Dine In List 2012)

One word: Finally.

Since my original food buddies are nowhere to be found right now (busy with this thing called life), I had to designate my two college friends to be my new (not so super secret anymore) food buddies. They have no choice but to agree, really. As per my previous post, they are on this quest to shed pounds but fortunately, since they were pork-deprived for so long, they agreed to come with me here and gave an excuse to call that day their cheat day. Hahaha.

Dayan and Tzie: All smiles!
It was quite a surprise that Bagnet 8065 is just one tricycle ride away from our condo! It was like destiny! Haha.

Anyway, we arrived there, the place is packed and we had to wait a while to be seated. And as mentioned in my entry before, I am excited to try the Spicy Ginataang Bagnet. Here's what we had:

I never dared to try the Sisig Bagnet. Just by looking at it, I already feel my blood pressure shooting up. It was swimming in oil. The bagnet itself was just delicious. Even though I ordered bagnet in sauce, it was super crispy and yummy and everything I ever dreamed of. At least, I know that the meat is not mixed with the sauce prior to serving. I expected a for it to be a little more spicier, all I tasted was the sauce being sweet like that of Ginataang Bilo-Bilo. Hehe. Same goes for the Kare-Kareng Bagnet, it was just like plain peanut butter sauce with a tiny hint of shrimp paste. Next time, I will definitely order the Original Bagnet.

Average, everyday, sane, psychos!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of before and after photos. I keep reminding myself of how time went by so fast but for some reason, too little has changed.
Yesterday, since I was on a five-day leave, I decided to spend the night with my two college buddies, Dianne and Fritzie.

You see, we still…

My Top 8 Flicks About Summer

Summer, for many, is all about the 3S: Sun, Sand and Sea. Beach babies (as they call themselves) celebrate when temperatures peak at 35°C and begin to strip themselves down to their bikinis and show their beach bodies (with occasional tattoos here and there for some). Then, pictures begin to flood of their sun-kissed/tanned/burnt skin as proof of how exciting their summer was. 

I wish that was the same thing for me, I really do. But summer for me is all about 1S: Sweat. Hahaha. I would really like to travel to different beaches, I guess I just don't have anything to show off so I'll just probably take more pictures. LOL. I hate the blazing sun during noon when I cannot sleep comfortably anymore, when provincial air-conditioned buses fill up and somehow the air conditioning system cannot handle it and when I am just sitting at home and is still sweating like there's no tomorrow.

That whole hullabaloo is relevant to this post, how you say? Well, that was just a prelude on how most likely there is no movie here on my list that involves surfing or bikinis. Hehehe. 

And just before the summer begins to halt, I present to you some movies about summer that I liked. 

"There's a little bit of the Lisbon sisters in us."

We all have entertained the idea of suicide at least once in our lives. This movie maybe about teen suicide at some point but in the end, all the actions remained a big mystery. Everything was laid out in the movie but we can never really tell the real answer to the question: Why?

Also: Great, great soundtrack.

2. Now and Then (1995)

No list is complete without coming of age movies. And this is my favorite. I maybe a little biased since this movie came out during the 90s (during, uh, my time) but still it always gives me a warm feeling. True friendship and girl power for the win!

3. Youth in Revolt (2009)

Michael Cera plays somewhat the same role for most of his movies (See: Juno, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Paperheart and Scott Pilgrim vs the world) but he's good at it. Being that shy boy that's always stuttering at the sight of the girl which he finds as "the one".

In this movie, Cera's character (Nick Twisp) projects an alter-ego named Francois Dillinger (suave!) that does what his timid self would really like to do: blow up places, steal cars--all to impress and sweep away the girl of his dreams.

Hmm. What would I name my alter ego?

Always black, a little blue.

Good morning, world wide web!

There must be something quite wrong with the world since here I am, suddenly posting pictures of myself on my blog. Well, originally I was supposed to blog about how I always gravitate towards apparel that's black or gray but I realized fashion is no way near my a…

Favorite Things #6

Nine days ago since I last posted something here. I was kind of stuck with nothing, well, because nothing exceptional was happening. The latter part of last week though was a different story, happenings (and photos) were piling up but I still wasn't able to post anything here since our living room was being repainted. Yes, I do not own a laptop. OK? Haha.

So here's a rundown of the things I absolutely love/d the past week or so:

1. Serenitea's Uji Pyramid Tea Slush

My TL (Ms Eve) from work frequents Serenitea (the one in front of our office) and she highly recommended to me the Uji Pyramid. I usually order the Mango Yakult tea here since I don't really like green tea itself, I was really surprised by how delicious this was, or maybe because it has ice cream in it? Haha! Perfect for the hot, hot heat!

2. Chris Hemsworth

I don't mind you stealing my thunder. >:)
Finally got to see The Avengers (in 3D!) and I am joining/already joined the I-love-Chris-Hemsworth-only-since-I-watched-The-Avengers bandwagon. Whatever. He's such a beautiful, beautiful man. Hehe. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait for Snow White and the Huntsman!

3. Burger King's Lemon Meringue

Pseudo-Key Lime pie
This will suffice until I get my hands on the read deal. Quite pricey though. Oh yeah, everything is quite pricey there in Burger King, I forgot. Too bad it's not always available at the nearest Burger King outlet from where I live.

A Night in the Life*

It's no secret I'm a call center agent. A lot of things has changed for me since I began in this industry. Sometimes, I have a love-hate relationship with this work. AAAAND I GAINED A LOT OF WEIGHT. LOL. Here are a bunch of photos that round up a whole work week.
(1) Independence = FAIL. I …