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Taking Back Sunday. Manila. April 13, 2012.

You wake up one morning and check your twitter account. And you find out your favorite band in the whole wide universe is finally visiting your third world land. How do you react? Well, I screamed. I screamed really loud. The next thing I knew, I was calling up the boyfriend and telling him good news. I knew it came out as a slur at first and I had to repeat it one more time to him.

I planned on watching The Used on that Smash Tour with Dashboard Confessional and the other bands~ and also, Hanson. But I was not able to attend on both occasions. And then the best news came and I thought I have to plan everything out so everything will be fucking perfect.

Sure, sure, we all knew about Taking Back Sunday as being the poster boy band of emo. You know that three letter word that's short for that music genre of sorts that gave birth to a thousand other bands with the same side swept hair and uber tight fitting jeans (from their girlfriends)? Yeah. And that was at least 8 years ago, I think. But only a few bands really stuck and TBS is one of the few.

From Tell All Your Friends to Where You Want To Be to Louder Now to New Again to the latest self title album, TBS has just gotten better with age. To be honest, TAYF is my second least favorite album after New Again. Louder Now and WYWTB spoke to me the most. Some people think Louder Now made them mainstream (because they signed up under Warner Brothers Music) but most of my favorite songs were from that album.

Welcome to my fangirlism!
Look at my desperate attempt.
Spot Adam's face and Eddie's butt.
11 more days to go 'til I see them in the flesh. I will probably humiliate myself in public because I will laugh and cry at the same time. If cameras will be prohibited, I will just be so sad and so MAD and miserable and I would be begging them to please, please, please let me bring my camera in. I have moved my plans of moving out (my declaration of indapendenz~) because I have to spend my monies on the ticket. The boyfriend as of the moment is not sure if he will be able to make it because of his schedule at work (I really do hope he makes it) but regardless, I will still be going. Even if that meant I will be going alone.

Ticket-check. Filed for leave on April 13-check.
Though I thought at first, the official concert poster sucked (because it was the concert poster for their Coca-Cola sponsored tour), a sucky concert poster is still a million times better than no concert poster and no concert at all. I'm half joking there, I am very grateful to Kerplunk and Audio Mustachio for this life altering event. So here I am, waiting for all the updates regarding the concert through the twitter accounts of @ManilaConcerts, @AudioMustachio and @TBSOfficial.

Looking for free tickets? Click here and join MyxPH's promo!
Want to meet and greet the band? More information here.

11 more days to go until the best Friday the 13th ever! See you at SM North Edsa Sky Dome next Friday!

I can hardly wait!