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Taking Back Sunday in Manila: Day 1

Update: Apparently, this happened:

I died~
Though I won a pair of backstage meet and greet passes, I set my mind that I would still be going to the autograph signing at SM Mall of Asia last April 12, 2012. My ever reliable best friend, Natz, went to MOA with me so we could shop for clothes to make me look decent enough. I don't particularly like big malls because I just hate walking around all day to find one shop. LOL. But anyway, I kept saying where could the 'Atrium' be?

Oh, there you are.
My excitement was really building up. Hours away and my dream will come true~! Hahahaha.

We went around, Natz helped me pick clothes. (And I just want to thank her eternally). After that we headed back to the Atrium and met up with my friend from work, Jhen. Since the place was not yet that packed, we decided to grab a quick bite first at French Baker which was directly in front of this. We settled on our chairs and began eating what we ordered. After a few bites, I saw Eddie walking by followed by Mark, then John, then Shaun and then finally Adam and his crutches.

Lost all intentions to act cool and fangirl mode was so on! Natz was understanding enough and told me to go ahead, I should get my butt up there! I was very guilty but I just had to go! Hahaha.

It still took a while before the band came out, and everyone just stood up and began shouting in delight. Hehehe. All the wait was definitely worth it.

It was just a surreal feeling seeing them in person. They only existed in music videos, youtube clips and in magazine spreads before. And at that point, after years of professing how you love the band, there they are, right in front of you. Whew. Absolutely mind blown and getting crazier by the moment.

Here are some of the photos I got when I had my poster signed. My hands were all sweaty and shaky and some of the other photos were just... blurry. *sigh*

The whole band was very pleasant, especially Mark who really chats with the fans! He even told me "Nice shirt!" before I moved on to John to sign my poster. I was able to shake hands with them and told each one of them "Thank you so much for coming to Manila!" and they would just reply with a huge grin and a thank you in return. I kind of seized the moment, I asked Adam if I could take a picture of him and he agreed and smiled. MY HEART WAZ MELTIN'~

John and his slippers.
Show is over, for now.

And as they say, the best is yet to come! Call time for backstage meet and greet pre-concert is 5:30 pm and all this anticipation all over again is giving me a tummy ache. I am so not prepared for that moment. I don't know if can still manage to pull off what I was planning to do since I'm really, really running out of time. I just need to have pictures pre-concert, during concert and maybe, stalk the band back to their hotel with the other winners! Haahaha! I'll make the most out of this!