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Splendid and Sorry.

It was a particularly peculiar Wednesday morning.

I see you. I see you and everything you do. I see you and everything you do and that is the problem.

'Tis the season to reflect as they say. And that's what I've been doing in my own way. LOL. I am thinking of the bigger picture, of the things right in front of me and all the things that are obvious but I prefer to stay oblivious.

You probably think I don't know or I don't care but I do. I really do. And I hope it stops.

You pay attention to details, minute information, crumbs of what really happened. And it still points you to the same direction. And I still stay vague. All the efforts of thinking are futile.

And in the end of all the whirlpool of thoughts and dreams, I just hope that things will eventually turn out right--with or without my hand in it. Which is impossible. Which defies everything. Which brings me back to the original question dancing inside my mind.

And now I'm wondering, where are my friends at?