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Off The List: J.Co Donuts and Coffee

(As part of my My Places To Dine In List 2012)

J.Co Donuts and Coffee is a well-known brand that is from Indonesia. Its first branch in the Philippines is located at SM Megamall and was opened last March 15, 2012. When you look them up on the net, the most famous flavor out of all their donuts is probably the Al Capone.

And I finally was able to squeeze a quick trip to this new coffee and donut joint! This is me joining the hype~ We originally planned to attend the opening of its first branch last February 16 (but then it got moved to March 15th) and wasn't able to make it because I was in Palawan that time.

The pictures I'm gonna be posting are from two separate occasions. The first time I went there was when I bought my ticket for Taking Back Sunday's concert and I cursed that mall for being so big and myself for being so poor at directions, we spent a considerable amount of time looking for J.Co Donuts and Coffee.

We weren't in there very long, there were just too many people in line and the Al Capone and Tiramisu flavors were not yet available. I guess it was really that good? I thought what would be the sense if I wouldn't be able to taste their best sellers, right?

After a month, I was able to go to Megamall again and this time, I made sure I would get a taste of their donuts. Yay! We finally got there but we had the order of a dozen donuts to go since I had a shift that night and I really need to go home to sleep at least 3 hours.

Aww, that's sweet. :)
Tadaaaa~ Such an eye candy!

The flavors I ordered: Al Capone (of course), Tiramisu (of course), Choco Caviar Chocolate, Cheese Me Up, Choco Caviar Strawberry, Donna Italiano, Oreology. Yummmmmmm~

I wasn't able to taste all the donuts I ordered since I had to bring half at work (half I left at home for the folks) and was supposed to be my peace offering to my friends from work when I didn't show up during our house warming. Hehe. Everybody just got really curious about these new donuts and they tried it!

I really loved the Tiramisu in terms of the sweetness, it's creamy and sweet. Everything was just spot on. I am such a sucker for anything sweet, I think I cannot function too long without my daily dose. I also liked the Al Capone very much because of the texture. Same reason why I like Magnum Almond wayyyyy better than the Classic. There was just something so delightful when you chew on the almonds. Satisfyingly crunchy plus, I really love white chocolate! Last was the Choco Caviar Strawberry, it was just alright for me but those crunchy chocolate balls were a surprise!

What's cool about this store is they offer a variety of things. It's like a fun version of Starbucks. Haha. I'm excited to try all the other flavors next time. And I'm really curious about their coffee and yogurt.

Here's their complete menu for your (and my) future reference:

Can't wait to try the Mango Blitz donut, Iced Tiramisu coffee and their fat free frozen yogurt topped with peaches, jelly oranges and jelly lychees!

J.Co Donuts and Coffee is located at The Strip, SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila (Other branches to open: TriNoMa, Greenbelt 3, Makati City and SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City)

J.Co's official Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/JCoPhils


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