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Journey to failing to watch The Avengers, twice.

Image credits to Mirror.co.uk

Feels like 38 degrees Celsius out there, this heat is just unbearable. I do not like summer that much. Yeah, I would like to travel in this smoldering heat provided a proper, fully working air conditioning system in the vehicle, preferably with a DVD player and some pillows, and the car better be heavily tinted! If none of the conditions are met, I'd rather stay at home.

Heh. I'm just joking. But it doesn't change that fact that I don't like summer. The air feels so warm and thick, I can choke on it. Joking again.

Before this turns into a long rant about the heat that I basically experience every year (haha), let me just tell you about our failed attempts to watch The Avengers this weekend.

It's a little frustrating that all I see on my Facebook and Twitter are people who just watched, currently watching, will be watching the movie with 100% certainty (heck, there are even those who'll be watching it for the second time!) and here we are clueless as to why we just can't. Or I guess, we should just have waited for the only available slot: LAST FULL SHOW or online reservations, no?

Attempt #1 (Saturday): We met up at SM Makati (original plan was at SM Megamall) to have lunch before watching the movie. We decided beforehand that we will be eating something Asian this time around (I already listed a couple of restaurants we would try) but after roaming around Greenbelt 3, we ended up eating at Papa John's.

The place was nice and quiet though there were a handful of people dining already when we got there. We were already so hungry, we ordered right away. But before anything else, let me just have this opportunity to post this:

I got a rose from him. (Of course, I will be blogging about it!) Thank you. <3

All The Meats pizza with Butter Garlic sauce and pepperoncini.
The meat lovers that we are, our eyes were automatically directed on this pizza when we skimmed the menu.  It was a first having a butter dip paired with a pizza but surprisingly, it tasted good! Other people find the butter garlic dip unnecessary because the pizza is already greasy as it is. Try dipping the crust in, it really tastes good! Never tried the pepperoncini though we were told it only adds mild heat, but still.

Vanilla Ice Cream float
Nothing out of the ordinary here, coke topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. He ordered a RootBeer Ice Cream float but they just looked the same. Haha.

Potato Wedges with pizza sauce
It seriously needs some more seasoning or I don't know if it's supposed to taste that way. I've tried other potato wedges out there but this seems to be lacking... taste. Even the pizza sauce, it just tastes like plain tomato.

Toffee Sans Rival
I find this dessert delicious but I think it is meant to be shared. Hahaha. I wasn't able to finish this because it was just too sweet.

Pizza at Papa John's is really, really great! We're just a little surprised that most of the side dishes were not available. Come on, it was a Saturday after pay day and the resto's located in Greenbelt. How could some of the food in the menu be not available? ;)

Went straight to the cinema to buy tickets so we could finally watch the movie. Upon checking the schedule, we were either too late or too early. Next round of movies for all cinemas were around 4 or 5 pm. Time check: 1 pm! We had nothing to do for the next 3 hours. Videoke? Nah. More food? Definitely no! Watch another movie? We'd rather not. And just like that: Avengers - 1, Me and Him - 0.

And because of that, I bought a box of 6 of Chewy Junior.

The puffs' quality might have been compromised somewhere along the line. It would've been delicious. Huhuhu. Almond Sweetheart, I love you. Nomnomnom.

We then went to Glorietta 4 to check but damn, the whole floor was just packed with people, it's like there's no air conditioning anymore! I told him, "We have to go home."

Attempt #2 (Sunday): This time, I was a teeny weeny smarter and checked online for the schedule of screening for Greenbelt. Time: 12 noon. There were screening times of both 3:15 and 3:45 pm. Perfect! I figured we still have time to prepare, eat a little before buying tickets. We could then go to hear mass afterwards at the Greenbelt Chapel.

We went to straight to Greenbelt Cinema again to buy tickets. We were in line, people in front of us quickly leaving the line and when it was our turn, I told the lady behind the counter, "Avengers, Cinema 5?" as if she already predicted that we will be watching that movie, quickly replied, "Last full show na lang po available, Ma'm."

Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Felt like an absolute idiot. Hahaha. Does everybody do everything online nowadays? Answer to my own question: FUCK YES! Because Patricia is such a fool, Avengers - 2, Me and Him - 0.

So, with quite heavy hearts, we went to the Greenbelt Chapel and heard mass that afternoon. I was still sweaty as ever. Hahaha.

All these efforts will not be in futile. I shall see you soon Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, Hawk Eye and The Hulk. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Okay, I'll shut up now and go check the internetz for more screening schedules and redeem myself for being such a blithering idiot and make an online reservation. RWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! Bye