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Crossed off my bucket list: Meeting Taking Back Sunday

Today was the day. And now, I feel a little sad because it is over. And who knows how long it will take before we see them again. :(

Arrived at Sky Dome and there was already a line outside the venue. I saw a lot of familiar faces, people I already saw at the autograph signing yesterday. Since we had to do the meet and greet first, we were on a different line. The meet and greet pre-concert was really very quick but I got to shake hands with the band again and chat and we had 3 photos with them. I was beside John Nolan and he is just the most adorable person ever! He is always smiling!

Then, we exited and waited in line again since the gates officially open 8:00 pm, I think. And boy, it was really a long line. Gold ticket holders were sent in first and we had no choice but stay on the left side since everybody was directly on front of the stage.

This was a highly anticipated event since the band is back to their old line up, lucky for us! It was an awesome show. Everyone was pumped up! I loved how they continuously play songs without stopping. A lot of old songs were played, it was old school night. Everybody was just amazing tonight!

Imbue No Kudos and Typecast were the opening acts. I realized how much I am missing on OPM when I saw INK perform. They were really, really good! And while they were playing, I was just watching with my mouth a little bit open and secretly wishing I knew their songs!

Imbue No Kudos' guitarist and people's heads. LOL.
I stopped taking pictures at one point because there's always a fucking head showing on my photos. If it's not people's heads, it's their hands or other people's cellphones or cameras or it was just blurry. I just gave up on taking decent photographs that night and just enjoyed that wonderful, wonderful moment.

Here's the set list for the night:

photo credits to Jill from Twitter (yes, they played a Straylight Run song!)
Disclaimer: These are the only photos I can salvage from the bunch. Most of them are John Nolan shots since he's on the left side of the stage, facing the crowd. Adam never left his position and Eddie and Shaun moved a lot on the right side only. 

They are on stage!
Everybody was just singing along, every word, back to the band. Adam taking care of the little talks in between songs. And I believe he was quite surprised with how things turned out tonight, he said they were definitely gonna come back soon. I was definitely at the right place at the right time and where I really wanted to be.

Intense John Nolan is intense!
John and Adam with a broken leg but still was so great!

This picture could've been pure win if there was no cellphone. Haha.

I am now very sleepy and very wasted but it was worth it. Fortunately, I didn't end up bawling because they are finally here, singing the songs live. It was such a moment of high energy, you just had to respond. I can't help but sing (or shout) along, jump, scream in delight, chant "We want more~" and "Make Damn Sure!" It was such a perfect night, taking you to 2004 (in my case) and slaps you in the face with their new songs at the same time. You know that feeling of nostalgia surfaces everytime they play an old song and before you can dwell on it too much, they sing something from the more current albums. It was really an amazing moment for me, I think for all of us. Though Adam had a broken leg (yes, no mic swinging), he delivered an absolutely great performance, his usual hand gestures on stage and all, haha! Then John just smiling in satisfaction every now and then.

It's been ten years but we still knew every word from the first album. It's been eight years since I became a fan of this band. It took all the band's years existence/change of line up/going back to original line up/5 albums for them to finally come to this side of the world. It was truly a once in a blue moon experience, specially because Philippines was the only Asian country they went to for this tour.

My top was completely soaked in sweat and I know I already looked terrible but I didn't mind at all. I was having a great time. Though I didn't have cool photos to show off, it still doesn't change the fact that I was a part of this great night. I am really running out of adjectives to describe the experience.

This is a night definitely worth telling all your friends. The air is electric and we were all left wanting more.

Congratulations to Kerplunk, Audio Mustachio, Manila Concert Scene and Ovation Production for a very successful event!

Now, I just need to wait for my meet and greet photo and my life is complete.