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Patricia in GIFs: 1 week 'til TBS!

This is what's in my head right now.
People might be getting tired of me being ecstatic 24/7 about Taking Back Sunday's upcoming concert. I feel like I all have this excess energy in my body and a lot of anxiety right now. Hahaha. Even my friends from work say I get all hyped up when I talk about the concert. I don't know. Excited is definitely becoming an understatement about my feelings right now.

1 more week. Seven. More. Days. I can't stand it any longer.

All I have right now are a bunch of animated GIFs that explains how my heart truly feels~

GPOY for the whole month of April.
This could've been my reaction if I won those meet and greet passes.  Haha.
When I read something off Twitter from @ManilaConcerts or @AudioMustachio
My reaction while watching this video:

Hahahaha! Seven days to go!!!!!!!!!
And again.