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April 2012: Realization & Goals

Today is the start of the second half of April and time to get down to business. All the things that happened in the past few months were really a blessing. And now that as of the moment, I have nothing to look forward to, I realized I should be focusing on the things that really matter and those things that are my long term goals.

For the remaining days of this hot, hot month of April, here are some of my realizations and goals:

1. Those things you never thought of happening can come true. 

Meeting the band was something I never expected to happen this soon. On the left side, that was me circa 2004 with my awesome Photoshop skillz~ embedding frontman Adam Lazzara on the picture as if he was trying to make up to me by giving a banana. I know, that picture is really bananas. Seeing them perform live is even included in my bucket list because I thought I still have my entire life time to do it. After 8 years, the unthinkable finally happened.

2. Doesn't matter how much people did you wrong, you still have to rise above.

It's a little insulting already to still be at your most proper behavior even though *some* people are stomping at your feet/at your existence like there's no tomorrow. But yes, my mama taught me better than to stoop down your whore-ing level and just breathe in and breathe out and wish you have the best time of your life... not. Let me just say this once and for all: You are the very meaning of contradiction. You are the living and breathing example of it. I gave a fuck before but it ends now.

3. Leave behind things weighing you down.
And as that Taking Back Sunday song goes, "This is all I ever asked from you, the only thing you couldn't do: tell me the whole truth." Bow. It was never true that it's not about how long it ran because like everything else, time is also an investment. Things are just not the same anymore and I am so glad everything happened, finally. :)

3. Self-improvements 2012
Still trying to keep the ball rolling for all those tweaks I mentioned in my previous post. This year has just been amazing that it brings me to tears sometimes. Everything feels surreal, everything is going the way it's supposed to be. Like the universe is telling me this is your time to do everything you needed to do to make it somewhere. This year is such an inspiration to me, I cannot even gather enough words.

4. Making the Multimedia happen
This year. I will make this happen. This year. I promise. I can do this!

5. Show some love!
I should start showing appreciation to those who never ever left me, time to party and reconnect:

First is Papa J, up there, silently watching and posing ala The Thinker sculpture. Hehe, jowkz~!
Natz, always and forever my home girl (LOL WHAT IS HOME GIRL, I JUST FELT THAT IS A GREAT DESCRIPTION OF HER), she is the true epitome of a friend, she is the best kind of friend anyone could ever have. Thanks, my whore!
Music, because you need music. Music can always make you believe everything is possible.
The food crew: Cy, Zena, Papa Pabz: Hoy guys! Ano na inamag na tayo!

Now, excuse me while I go back listening to Taking Back Sunday and relive the concert. Hahaha!