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Journey to failing to watch The Avengers, twice.

Image credits to Mirror.co.uk

Feels like 38 degrees Celsius out there, this heat is just unbearable. I do not like summer that much. Yeah, I would like to travel in this smoldering heat provided a proper, fully working air conditioning system in the vehicle, preferably with a DVD player and some pillows, and the car better be heavily tinted! If none of the conditions are met, I'd rather stay at home.

Heh. I'm just joking. But it doesn't change that fact that I don't like summer. The air feels so warm and thick, I can choke on it. Joking again.

Before this turns into a long rant about the heat that I basically experience every year (haha), let me just tell you about our failed attempts to watch The Avengers this weekend.

It's a little frustrating that all I see on my Facebook and Twitter are people who just watched, currently watching, will be watching the movie with 100% certainty (heck, there are even those who'll be watching it for the second time!) and here we are clueless as to why we just can't. Or I guess, we should just have waited for the only available slot: LAST FULL SHOW or online reservations, no?

Attempt #1 (Saturday): We met up at SM Makati (original plan was at SM Megamall) to have lunch before watching the movie. We decided beforehand that we will be eating something Asian this time around (I already listed a couple of restaurants we would try) but after roaming around Greenbelt 3, we ended up eating at Papa John's.

The place was nice and quiet though there were a handful of people dining already when we got there. We were already so hungry, we ordered right away. But before anything else, let me just have this opportunity to post this:

I got a rose from him. (Of course, I will be blogging about it!) Thank you. <3

Humor and Pathos: Persepolis

Supposed to have posted about the half of the weekend I had with him but creative juices are not flowing for 2 days now. So I watched this movie instead, and of course I had to quote a line from it. I was actually watching a lot of animations this whole week, I don't know why. Anyway, this is …

My ZALORA Wishlist

Okay, I admit it: I am almost broke and I need an upgrade on my wardrobe and accessories so bad. So imagine my happiness when I got this e-mail notification from Nuffnang that they are holding a contest together with Zalora! I am not really much of a shopper and I am nowhere near being a shopaholi…

Off The List: J.Co Donuts and Coffee

(As part of my My Places To Dine In List 2012)

J.Co Donuts and Coffee is a well-known brand that is from Indonesia. Its first branch in the Philippines is located at SM Megamall and was opened last March 15, 2012. When you look them up on the net, the most famous flavor out of all their donuts is probably the Al Capone.

And I finally was able to squeeze a quick trip to this new coffee and donut joint! This is me joining the hype~ We originally planned to attend the opening of its first branch last February 16 (but then it got moved to March 15th) and wasn't able to make it because I was in Palawan that time.

The pictures I'm gonna be posting are from two separate occasions. The first time I went there was when I bought my ticket for Taking Back Sunday's concert and I cursed that mall for being so big and myself for being so poor at directions, we spent a considerable amount of time looking for J.Co Donuts and Coffee.

We weren't in there very long, there were just too many people in line and the Al Capone and Tiramisu flavors were not yet available. I guess it was really that good? I thought what would be the sense if I wouldn't be able to taste their best sellers, right?

After a month, I was able to go to Megamall again and this time, I made sure I would get a taste of their donuts. Yay! We finally got there but we had the order of a dozen donuts to go since I had a shift that night and I really need to go home to sleep at least 3 hours.

Aww, that's sweet. :)
Tadaaaa~ Such an eye candy!

April 2012: Realization & Goals

Today is the start of the second half of April and time to get down to business. All the things that happened in the past few months were really a blessing. And now that as of the moment, I have nothing to look forward to, I realized I should be focusing on the things that really matter and those …

This Photograph is Proof

Hi. So. Yeah. Yeaaaaaaaah. I told you, it was the best night of my life. Yes sir, it was. No words to describe. I am so on fangirl mode all over again! I know, I know the post title was such a cliche. Hahaha.
I am forever in debt with Niles Chong, Carla Clavano, Dig Radio PH, Audio Mustachio, Kerp…

Crossed off my bucket list: Meeting Taking Back Sunday

Today was the day. And now, I feel a little sad because it is over. And who knows how long it will take before we see them again. :(

Arrived at Sky Dome and there was already a line outside the venue. I saw a lot of familiar faces, people I already saw at the autograph signing yesterday. Since we had to do the meet and greet first, we were on a different line. The meet and greet pre-concert was really very quick but I got to shake hands with the band again and chat and we had 3 photos with them. I was beside John Nolan and he is just the most adorable person ever! He is always smiling!

Then, we exited and waited in line again since the gates officially open 8:00 pm, I think. And boy, it was really a long line. Gold ticket holders were sent in first and we had no choice but stay on the left side since everybody was directly on front of the stage.

This was a highly anticipated event since the band is back to their old line up, lucky for us! It was an awesome show. Everyone was pumped up! I loved how they continuously play songs without stopping. A lot of old songs were played, it was old school night. Everybody was just amazing tonight!

Imbue No Kudos and Typecast were the opening acts. I realized how much I am missing on OPM when I saw INK perform. They were really, really good! And while they were playing, I was just watching with my mouth a little bit open and secretly wishing I knew their songs!

Imbue No Kudos' guitarist and people's heads. LOL.
I stopped taking pictures at one point because there's always a fucking head showing on my photos. If it's not people's heads, it's their hands or other people's cellphones or cameras or it was just blurry. I just gave up on taking decent photographs that night and just enjoyed that wonderful, wonderful moment.

Here's the set list for the night:

photo credits to Jill from Twitter (yes, they played a Straylight Run song!)
Disclaimer: These are the only photos I can salvage from the bunch. Most of them are John Nolan shots since he's on the left side of the stage, facing the crowd. Adam never left his position and Eddie and Shaun moved a lot on the right side only. 

They are on stage!
Everybody was just singing along, every word, back to the band. Adam taking care of the little talks in between songs. And I believe he was quite surprised with how things turned out tonight, he said they were definitely gonna come back soon. I was definitely at the right place at the right time and where I really wanted to be.

Taking Back Sunday in Manila: Day 1

Update: Apparently, this happened:

Though I won a pair of backstage meet and greet passes, I set my mind that I would still be going to the autograph signing at SM Mall of Asia last April 12, 2012. My ever reliable best friend, Natz, went to MOA with me so we could shop for clothes to make me look…

I won the meet and greet passes for Taking Back Sunday's concert.

How do I even begin this entry? I have nothing clever to say. I've got no punchlines. No witty remarks. Everything is just so freaking surreal right now. I've given up all hope in scoring those meet and greet passes after Taking Back Sunday's concert here. I was telling my friend that …

Patricia in GIFs: 1 week 'til TBS!

People might be getting tired of me being ecstatic 24/7 about Taking Back Sunday's upcoming concert. I feel like I all have this excess energy in my body and a lot of anxiety right now. Hahaha. Even my friends from work say I get all hyped up when I talk about the concert. I don't know. Ex…