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Today is just an ordinary day.

Yesterday, I met up with my high school best friend, Natz, to catch up and eat. We ate lunch at CPK that afternoon, visited her sister who works at Starbucks in Greenbelt then had dessert at Tutti Frutti. Basically, we ate a lot and spent the afternoon talking about our lives in general, how things are for most of us in our high school class and Ira's wedding on May.

I love spending time with her and everytime we see each other, I realize more and more that it's about time for me to tweak myself a little. She always appears to be on her best (dressed up and made up) and I, on the other hand, is always rugged and informal. I am your average Jane. I am really, really a shirt and jeans kind of girl. It would be a lot of effort on my end to wear anything that would attract any kind of attention. I don't like being looked at, you see. Hahaha.

Which led me to think of challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone at least once  a week  every two weeks. Maybe wear something formal, wear a dress, a crazy colored shirt, a heavily printed blouse, red flats or maybe sport a new hair do. I will try to post here those certain things that I did that I think is beyond my line of familiarity. I hope I can do this, I think I can, I was happy to be able to do the whole explore the world  one restaurant at a time thing. So yes, I can do this!

And maybe I can convince myself to comb my hair regularly and add a little color on my face. Maybe.

For today, I woke up and watched Dawson's Creek all day. I craved for some pancakes, so I made some.

I still keep on thinking of the things I can do to improve myself. I came up with a list:
  • Smile more.
  • Maybe have some kind of before-going-to-sleep regimen.
  • More discipline.
  • Start something interesting.
  • No more tattoos this year. Or one more perhaps?
It took me a whole day to come up with something to blog about. I am such a bore these days. I thought of blogging "What's is the bag?", "H0pez and dr3amz", and some other stuff but it all ended up with me taking a Personality Test and identifying myself as an INTP.

Kidding aside, I really want to start something besides all the things I mentioned up there. I'm thinking of doing a Key Lime Pie quest and The Broke Girl Challenge (from Tin Rementilla's blog) for next month (which is 2 days away)!

Hopefully, tomorrow is a great day. I hope I made sense with all the things I said.