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PPS, Palawan Day 2: This is the most outdoorsy I could ever get

Finally, it's my rest day! I could sort, edit and upload ALL the remaining pictures at long last. Now, I'm gonna condense our Day 2 and 3 in one blog post because I'm afraid I will get too boring so I'm gonna skip some details.

Day 2 was all about soaking up the sun, roaming and climbing a cave and discovering nature's beauty.

We started the day early--8:00 am, I think. Our tour guide informed us that our permit for visiting the Underground River was at 3:30 pm so we went to Ugong Rock first.

I think this is Ugong Rock. I had too many pictures of the scenery, I'm not quite certain which one was Ugong Rock. Lol.

After much debate between me, my mama and my papa, we went ahead to try the Cave climbing activity. Actually, the place offers Rock Climbing (outside the rock), Cave Climbing (inside the rock), Zip Line (fastest in the Philippines! Lasts only 21 seconds!) and Spelunking.

It's called Ugong Rock because the rocks inside were mainly made of stalactites, stalagmites and columns that when you tap or knock, produces a howling sound or ugong.

We were given cloth gloves and a hard hat before proceeding.

I was seriously struggling with all my might to make it on top. I am soooooo out of shape and my heart literally took a beating in this activity. Hahaha! I didn't even imagine myself doing this! At some point during the climb, I told myself, "What the hell did I get myself into?" and even thought of backing out halfway. I pulled my weight up with my hands--only pulling with the help of knots on a rope. I freaking hate the crevices in between the rocks as my mind wandered how deep those might be. I was scared shitless! I climbed on wooden ladders that wobble everytime I take a step and squeezed myself through nooks. I'm not really complaining, I'm actually bragging about those shallow things I did! Hahaha. I'm in no way a sporty person so in my mind this was a feat for me.

I finally made it to the top but unfortunately my camera's battery died on me again so no pictures for that. Thank goodness my aunt and cousin waited for me since my super adventurous parents preferred to take the zip line to go down, and I being chicken shit, wanted to go the same way down. All in all, it took us around 3 hours to finish this but I am so proud of myself I conquered Ugong Rock (though it was only 75 m high)!~

I was so beat and wasted and we still had to go to Sabang Beach and Underground River.

After that strenuous activity, hooray for the lunch buffet at Taraw Restaurant in Sabang Beach!

This place is just amazing. It's like I'm breathing in all the freshness and relaxation just by standing in the middle of the beach and by looking at that breath taking blue water and skies.

Cue in music: Pure Shores by All Saints. Hehe.

The water was clean and clear, the sand is fine that it made my feet sink when the water touched the shore and the sun shined perfectly. Best of all: It was not crowded. It was picture perfect. I've never been to a lot of places and so far this tops my list. Though mama says Boracay is still better but I will never get tired of being in this place.

This place makes me not want to come back.
Now, moving on to Underground River. More photo bombing courtesy of me.

If you're lucky, you will see monkeys roaming around the beach. Just take care of your belongings because they are attracted to anything resembling a plastic bag, always thinking that there is food inside.

On the opening of the cave is where the freshwater from the mountain and the salt water from the open sea meet. You will really see a current in circling motion at the opening of the underground river. According to our "boatman", the water at the opening is 28 feet deep. Creepy.

Day 2 was finished at around 5:00 pm. It was sad to leave such a beautiful place like this, hopefully, I will be back soon. This day was most probably one of the most tiring days of my life ever but I am very thankful of this day too. I was able to enjoy such a beautiful place with my family and it just makes you think that there's absolutely more to life than how you live it right now. We can not live in a box, we can explore, relax and discover. There's so much more out there left unseen and untouched.

I had the best sleep that night, too.

Now, I changed my mind. Since Day 3 was our trip to the PPS Market, I'll just upload the pictures on Facebook. Hahaha. /lazy

This concludes my story telling about my great experience in Palawan.

Bow. Teehee.