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PPS, Palawan Day 1: The Airplane Ride and the City Tour.

Hello, hello. It's been too long since I had something nice to blog about. Days flew by so fast and before I even knew it, it was time to go to Palawan with my folks. I was super excited about this trip (Well, I still am giddy about it!) because it was my first time to ride a plane, go somewhere far enough to ride a plane and I was really looking forward to have a good time. Praise the higher powers, I still came back in one big piece and now reporting back for duty in the cyber realmz~

My Palawan experience, of course, will be well documented so I thought of separating it into 3 blog posts. We had 1.82 GB worth of pictures so I really have to make separate entries for each day plus all the food trips I had during the trip. And as of the moment, I am very sleepy, thinking about my bed and around 7 hours of sleep 'til I go to work again.

Warning, warning! This post is photo heavy. And I take the most random photos. And some crappy ones because the battery keeps on dying.

Now, first thing's first: Mandatory photo of the clouds when I was up there. Hehehe. Yey for window seats! My camera was also gasping for breath as the rechargeable batteries I brought with me are just a waste! But anyway, I still managed to get some shots.

You kinda have thoughts about your life when you're up there, like everything seems so small and like everything doesn't matter. Like what that Postal Service song, "Everything looks perfect from far away." You feel like you're so close to heaven and you think that yes, there must be a higher power that made all of these, made everything look and feel this perfect, right?

I read so much reviews online how the service of Zest Air sucks. But it's not that bad for me, in fact, it was pleasant. I guess everybody's experience is not the same.

Some girl at the airport. Hehe.
We stayed at this inn called Amelia Pensionne. Nothing fancy though, simple traveler's inn just a couple of minutes away from the airport.

We had our breakfast at my uncle's house along Fernandez Road, that is delicious seafood breakfast served...

I am not in most photos.
...and started our City Tour at around 1:30 pm.

First stop: PPS' version of Baywalk
Of course this would be much more enjoyable at night with all the lights and that view over looking the wide, blue sea.

The inside of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.
Look at the sisters' wacky pose, truly they are sisters. Hahaha.
Freaky, big crocodile just a couple feet of below us. I hate creatures of the water.
Croc lovin' not and view from Mitra Ranch. Thanks to Kuya Jips for the photos.
Perfect - Mitra Ranch.
I met a new friend, Penpen. :)
We also went to Baker's Hill--didn't take much photos there aside from the name and the one on my default photo in Facebook and another one, a bag weaving cooperative but I got tired and stayed in the coaster until we went home.

Sorry for the lack of words, my brain can only think so much right now and I do hope the pictures made up for it. Hahaha. Day 1 was a little tiring but I enjoyed it, it was like a visual overload! Too many great views, great places and good people.

And finally, to end this post, here's a preview of all the places I've been and my mirror shots since I'm absent in most pictures. Hahaha!

Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Kalui, Ugong Rock, Sabang Beach, Underground River Beach

Amelia Pensionne upon arrival, Amelia Pensionne Day 1, Baker's Hill, Kalui, Ugong Rock, Park 'N' Fly Paranaque