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Off the list: KaLui + Sky Box

Prior to going to Palawan, I searched for the best restaurant(s) in Puerto Princesa in Google and KaLui always appeared to be on the top of the list along with Badjao Seafood Restaurant. I immediately told my mom about it so we could have lunch or dinner there. When we got there, my mom was insisting on eating in Badjao Seafood Restaurant, good thing my aunt also insisted also on eating in KaLui.

When we arrived in PPS, I was able to google that since KaLui is fully booked most of the time, a reservation should be arranged (apparently, I didn't do my research good enough before, haha.). We were able to make a reservation for 9:30 pm.

It was just one tricycle ride away from the place where we stayed and it just took around 5 minutes though we had to go back because I forgot my camera. Yes, of all the times I could forget my camera, I chose this one. Hehehe.

You need to remove your footwear upon entering to avoid damaging the shiny wooden flooring.

We were directed to this gallery at the back as we were waiting to be seated.
The menu.

You can't help but love the native and festive theme of the restaurant with all the fruits hanging from the ceiling, nipa hut inspired interiors, everything made of wood and all the art pieces sprinkled throughout the restaurant. You should definitely bring a camera when you go here!

We are ready to eat and our faces are blurred! Hahaha!
I had to take quick snaps of the food because they were too quick to dig in!

Tubbataha Salad (PhP 165) - Fresh tuna strips, seaweeds, bits of fruits in season with Palawan dressing
Fresh Mango fruit shake (PhP 65) with a slice of Watermelon
Puerto Pakbet (PhP 165) 

Kalui Special of the Day Set (PhP 395):

Spicy Squid
Fish Steak
Veggies of the Day
Dessert: Chunks of fruit served in a coconut husk topped with muscovado sugar! YUMMY!
I loved the fact that they didn't serve any chicken, pork or beef here, they were able to truly showcase the variety and flexibility of what you can do with seafood. It was just so refreshing! It was also the first time I tried to eat seaweeds! They're not so bad especially when dipped in vinegar.

What I loved the most is the spicy squid! The bits of squid were perfectly cooked and there was a little heat on it too. I enjoyed it oh so very much. Of course, the prawns also, who wouldn't love prawns right (unless you're allergic to it)? The dessert, I think, was complimentary and one serving was good for two people. My mom absolutely loved this one.

The serving is not that big but I'm not complaining, it's not everyday you can eat food prepared this way. Hahaha. I was able to try everything that we ordered but I didn't feel that full at all.

Overall, it was a superb dining experience! The place was wonderful, the food was delicious and I was with people dear to me.

On our Day 3, my aunts, uncle and cousin had a scheduled island tour or Honda Bay tour which we were not able to go because we already had to go home that afternoon. So instead, we spent the day at PPS Market and Mercato de San Miguel to buy pasalubong. And since we arrived there, I keep seeing tarps of this place called Sky Box where they offer something like the Burger King BK Stack which got me really curious.

I treated my parents for a merienda at SkyBox because I just had to try this place out.

It was sort of like the vibe of National Sports Grill but not quite, or maybe more of Gerry's Grill? Something like that. They offer both American and Mexican food. I think they offer a lot because the menu that they handed us consists of 10 pages!

SkyBox Burger
CCMB Burger (not really sure.) I think it stands for Cream Cheese, Mushroom and Bacon
From what I remember, this is Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza.
My eyes zoomed in on the word cream cheese that's why I ordered that burger. I wasn't really that sold on the burger, but I really loved the pizza! Thin crust, cheesy and flavorful--just the way I like it. I'm glad my mom ordered it. We had a really full meal and I am happy we got to try this food joint!

I think this place would be a better hangout at night because they offer alcoholic beverages and they have these flat screen TVs on the front and from what I've read, they have live bands that perform.

KaLui is located in 369 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
For reservations and inquiries, their contact number is (048) 433-2580.

SkyBox is located in Mercado de San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan


  1. Hi! Do you have a contact number of Skybox or e-mail address? :) Thanks.

  2. Hello, Rej! Their e-mail address is skyboxdiner@gmail.com and their phone number is (048) 433-2580 / 09487233166. Hope that helps. :)


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