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March, oh March.

A string of unfortunate events seem to have happened to me as the month of March unfolded. Well, during my last day of work for February, I was late due to heavy, heavy traffic I encountered on my way to work. So that perfect attendance from the first of February up to the 27th was put to waste and I was 3,750 PhP poorer. No choice but to let it go, crap really does happen sometimes.

Then it was a new month, March. Afternoon of March 1, I checked online if my pay was already on my account, which it was, so I asked my brother to withdraw some money. He came home and told me my account was blocked.

Back track to three weeks ago, my card was captured by the ATM in our office. I never asked the bank to block it since I was able to transfer the funds online to Cy's account so it wouldn't be anymore of a hassle to ask for a new card. I told them not once but thrice. It seems that they have a hard time comprehending when I told them not to block the card.

So morning of March 2, I called up the bank told them what happened and they told me the system must some how automatically blocked the card (yeah right) and that my new card is ready for pick up at their office. See, this could have been okay if not the bank is located in Makati. And I have to pick it up before 4 pm and I have to go home again since my shift starts at 9 pm. What a complete was of time.

Good thing though some of my friends from work were at Glorietta. They asked me to meet them for coffee. I said yes so that I could make the most out of my trip there. I went to Makati on that very, very hot afternoon. Got my card, finally had money, went to Glorietta and met up with them. But they already had finished coffee and were about to go home. Hahaha. But it gets even better.

Before waiting for a bus south bound, I bought a cold drink because it was just oh so hot that day. I drank it on the way home. I stopped by 7-11 to buy Magnum bars and headed straight home for a 2 hour sleep. I even tweeted that I love March because my leaves were approved and I was finally on day shift. I slept and when I woke up, my tummy's gone crazy and I had numerous trips to the bathroom. I called in at work that  I might be absent but I will try to be there to at least spend a half day at work. I could've drowned myself in Gatorade last night. What sucks even more is that yesterday was a critical working day.

Oh well, when it rains it definitely pours.

Here are the only 2 things that made me happy yesterday:

Which I have yet to eat and write something about.
Official concert poster courtesy of Melvin Macatiag of Typecast.