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Today is just an ordinary day.

Yesterday, I met up with my high school best friend, Natz, to catch up and eat. We ate lunch at CPK that afternoon, visited her sister who works at Starbucks in Greenbelt then had dessert at Tutti Frutti. Basically, we ate a lot and spent the afternoon talking about our lives in general, how thing…

Off the list: KaLui + Sky Box

Prior to going to Palawan, I searched for the best restaurant(s) in Puerto Princesa in Google and KaLui always appeared to be on the top of the list along with Badjao Seafood Restaurant. I immediately told my mom about it so we could have lunch or dinner there. When we got there, my mom was insisting on eating in Badjao Seafood Restaurant, good thing my aunt also insisted also on eating in KaLui.

When we arrived in PPS, I was able to google that since KaLui is fully booked most of the time, a reservation should be arranged (apparently, I didn't do my research good enough before, haha.). We were able to make a reservation for 9:30 pm.

It was just one tricycle ride away from the place where we stayed and it just took around 5 minutes though we had to go back because I forgot my camera. Yes, of all the times I could forget my camera, I chose this one. Hehehe.

You need to remove your footwear upon entering to avoid damaging the shiny wooden flooring.

PPS, Palawan Day 2: This is the most outdoorsy I could ever get

Finally, it's my rest day! I could sort, edit and upload ALL the remaining pictures at long last. Now, I'm gonna condense our Day 2 and 3 in one blog post because I'm afraid I will get too boring so I'm gonna skip some details.

Day 2 was all about soaking up the sun, roaming and climbing a cave and discovering nature's beauty.

We started the day early--8:00 am, I think. Our tour guide informed us that our permit for visiting the Underground River was at 3:30 pm so we went to Ugong Rock first.

I think this is Ugong Rock. I had too many pictures of the scenery, I'm not quite certain which one was Ugong Rock. Lol.

After much debate between me, my mama and my papa, we went ahead to try the Cave climbing activity. Actually, the place offers Rock Climbing (outside the rock), Cave Climbing (inside the rock), Zip Line (fastest in the Philippines! Lasts only 21 seconds!) and Spelunking.

It's called Ugong Rock because the rocks inside were mainly made of stalactites, stalagmites and columns that when you tap or knock, produces a howling sound or ugong.

PPS, Palawan Day 1: The Airplane Ride and the City Tour.

Hello, hello. It's been too long since I had something nice to blog about. Days flew by so fast and before I even knew it, it was time to go to Palawan with my folks. I was super excited about this trip (Well, I still am giddy about it!) because it was my first time to ride a plane, go somewhere far enough to ride a plane and I was really looking forward to have a good time. Praise the higher powers, I still came back in one big piece and now reporting back for duty in the cyber realmz~

My Palawan experience, of course, will be well documented so I thought of separating it into 3 blog posts. We had 1.82 GB worth of pictures so I really have to make separate entries for each day plus all the food trips I had during the trip. And as of the moment, I am very sleepy, thinking about my bed and around 7 hours of sleep 'til I go to work again.

Warning, warning! This post is photo heavy. And I take the most random photos. And some crappy ones because the battery keeps on dying.

Now, first thing's first: Mandatory photo of the clouds when I was up there. Hehehe. Yey for window seats! My camera was also gasping for breath as the rechargeable batteries I brought with me are just a waste! But anyway, I still managed to get some shots.

You kinda have thoughts about your life when you're up there, like everything seems so small and like everything doesn't matter. Like what that Postal Service song, "Everything looks perfect from far away." You feel like you're so close to heaven and you think that yes, there must be a higher power that made all of these, made everything look and feel this perfect, right?

Bacoor to Buendia, a few photos.

Morning shift officially started last Saturday and I thought of doing something blog-worthy about it. Lol. This shift starts at 4 am so I have to be out of the house by 2:30 am. A totally different experience again since I've never been this kind of shift.

Here's some photos on my way to work, that is Bacoor, Cavite to EDSA-Buendia.

Our village signage.
I tried to take photos of the street where our house is but it was just too dark. All my camera gets are white spots from the street lights. Everything else just fades into black.

Empty streets.
I asked my brother to accompany me, I was a little bit scared to be honest. Hehe. We spent a good 15 minutes there waiting for a tricycle to pass by. There were some but most were on the way home.

That too brightly lit appearing sign is actually a 7-11 sign (Photo editing: Fail). I honestly thought of buying a Magnum bar while waiting. I rode a jeepney since there was not a bus in sight.

So that's what the Magnum hype's all about.

Finally got to try the well-advertised in the world wide web Selecta Magnum bars, released just in time for the smoldering summer heat! First of all, I think it's too pricey for what it's worth. But it satisfies my craving for chocolate and ice cream, so what the hell. As from my previous post, I bought all variants available right now (no, I didn't eat them all in one sitting haha) just to try and have my folks at home try it.

From what I read, Magnum is a big hit internationally with Eva Longoria and Rachel Bilson as its endorsers. Though it's being coined as an 'adult ice cream' or for the adult market, just watch the product's TVCs and you'll definitely understand why. And there is also a condom brand under the same name, IDK if that was intentional or what. Haha. Locally, the ice cream's endorsers are Solenn Heusaff, Liz Uy, Tessa Prieto-Valdez and uh, yes... Raymond Gutierrez. 

I tried the Chocolate Truffle flavored first since I love truffles.

March, oh March.

A string of unfortunate events seem to have happened to me as the month of March unfolded. Well, during my last day of work for February, I was late due to heavy, heavy traffic I encountered on my way to work. So that perfect attendance from the first of February up to the 27th was put to waste and I was 3,750 PhP poorer. No choice but to let it go, crap really does happen sometimes.

Then it was a new month, March. Afternoon of March 1, I checked online if my pay was already on my account, which it was, so I asked my brother to withdraw some money. He came home and told me my account was blocked.

Back track to three weeks ago, my card was captured by the ATM in our office. I never asked the bank to block it since I was able to transfer the funds online to Cy's account so it wouldn't be anymore of a hassle to ask for a new card. I told them not once but thrice. It seems that they have a hard time comprehending when I told them not to block the card.

So morning of March 2, I called up the bank told them what happened and they told me the system must some how automatically blocked the card (yeah right) and that my new card is ready for pick up at their office. See, this could have been okay if not the bank is located in Makati. And I have to pick it up before 4 pm and I have to go home again since my shift starts at 9 pm. What a complete was of time.

Good thing though some of my friends from work were at Glorietta. They asked me to meet them for coffee. I said yes so that I could make the most out of my trip there. I went to Makati on that very, very hot afternoon. Got my card, finally had money, went to Glorietta and met up with them. But they already had finished coffee and were about to go home. Hahaha. But it gets even better.