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The Wednesday habit: Balay Ilocos + House of Silvanas

I was able to fulfill half of my Catholic duties for yesterday, I was able to attend Ash Wednesday mass with him. It's been a week since I attended mass and I was happy to realize it was already Ash Wednesday. We met up at my work, had breakfast and headed to Greenbelt for the 9:00 am mass there.

I was at awe at this little church in the heart of Greenbelt! The last time I was here, I think I was 7 years old. And everytime I'm around the area, I was never able to go back here. After the mass, I took some photos of the place.

It was such a nice way to start the morning. And as I said, I only fulfilled half of my Catholic duties that day because I wasn't able to fast.

I let him try Auntie Anne's pretzels and I'm pleased that he liked it. Hehe. We watched a movie (surprise, surprise! Unofficially Yours!) at Glorietta 4 and ate at SM Makati's Food court for a change.

I love you, Bagnet.
And I love you too, Bicol Express.
Since I haven't gone to Bagnet 8065 yet, I get my Bagnet fix from Balay Ilocos always. And I love that they serve both of my favorites. Hehe. Everything's a little cheaper too. The serving's small but that's okay. Hehehe. Bagnet was crispy and delicious, the Bicol Express could've been a little spicier though.

And finally, before heading home, we dropped by at House of Silvanas to take home some of their sweet treats.

Red Velvet Cupcake
Blueberry Cheese Cupcake
Sansrival. This is what's left when I woke up today.
I chose Red Velvet cupcake and his was the Blueberry Cheese cupcake. And like what they say on MasterChef, those cupcakes were definitely to die for! I can't get over the Red Velvet cupcake. It really, really tastes good. The Sansrival from House of Silvanas is part of Spot.ph's Top 10 Sansrivals. And it certainly deserves a spot there. It's not too sweet but it tastes a little bit of cheese too! Definitely a must try and definitely one of the best Sansrivals I've tasted.

Balay Ilocos is located at SM Supermalls Food Court
House of Silvanas is located at 3/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City