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Thoughts in my head in bullets

  • Camera. Wednesday. Afternoon. Finally! After much effort of convincing her, she finally said yes. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it by Wednesday. Hopefully, I could make it work for me. Hopefully, this will be the start of something.
  • How the hell will I ever lose weight when we always go around town eating? People might mistake my blog as a food blog since 90% of my entries, I think, is about food. I really lack will power. Maybe I should gear up for some serious exercising. Maybe. I should. Come on! I really should!
  • Doubts and uncertainties. Some people just get it right the first time. And it's just oh so perfect. We all deserve to be happy of course. But do we really only get what we give? How can we even be sure that things wouldn't repeat itself in the long run and everything will just turn into a big ball of regret that you will carry forever? Which brings us to...
  • Risks and certainties. We will never really know unless we give it a try, take a stand or accept it 100%. The future is a vague unknown but as they say what you do now will reflect on your future. So if you want something to work, something to happen, you have to start now. A tree wouldn't be a tree unless it starts from planting a seed, right?
  • A Fine Frenzy's Think of You <3 I like this song so much! It's a bit upbeat, with tinges of positivity from a fruitless investment of feelings~ Negative into positive! You gotta love Alison Sudol!
  • I do not like my shift for this month. Good thing someone traded schedules with me! I do not like going home so late as it's already hot outside, glaring sun and everything. I'm glad that next week, I'll be back to the 9 pm shift but I guess I have to be extra early since it's still traffic here during that time.
  • I just wish we could be normal people. Doing what normal people do. Never hiding anything. Never living up to anyone's expectations. Not thinking of the things running inside my head right now.