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Taking Back Sunday! (Also, Mushroom Burger.)

Well, well, well. Updates seem to be not the in thing right now. Finally had a decent access to the internet after 3 days of erratic connection. I seem a bit surprised though when I opened my blogspot account, most of the blogs I follow haven't updated as well. I guess it's time to go out and experience the sun right now, eh?

Nothing out of the ordinary lately. Here are some quick updates:


I am seriously going nuts at this very moment. Since the boyfriend frequents SM North Edsa, he told me the venue is really small, like a thousand people capacity only. And it makes me very anxious that I have no money on hand at this very moment and I feel like starting 3:00 pm later, tickets will be sold one by one. I just can't miss this! There's no excuse!

When you go to the band's website, you will see a "Buy Ticket" link that directs to Ticketnet but actually, there are no details yet--no schedule and no ticket prices.

I will be within spitting distance from the band. One more thing to cross out of my bucket list.

Update! Ticket prices and concert time are confirmed!

The Wednesday habit: Balay Ilocos + House of Silvanas

I was able to fulfill half of my Catholic duties for yesterday, I was able to attend Ash Wednesday mass with him. It's been a week since I attended mass and I was happy to realize it was already Ash Wednesday. We met up at my work, had breakfast and headed to Greenbelt for the 9:00 am mass there.

I was at awe at this little church in the heart of Greenbelt! The last time I was here, I think I was 7 years old. And everytime I'm around the area, I was never able to go back here. After the mass, I took some photos of the place.

It was such a nice way to start the morning. And as I said, I only fulfilled half of my Catholic duties that day because I wasn't able to fast.

Taking Back Sunday in Manila

(For the concert updates, click here.)

Details are in!
Official date for Taking Back Sunday's Philippine tour is April 13, 2012. I send a huge thanks to the people of Audio Mustachio for making this happen!
According to the band's official Facebook page, tickets will go on sale tomorrow, F…

Yellowcab's My Size Folded Pizza

Weather's quite freezing this morning that made me have this intense craving for... Chicken Joy. LOL. Obviously, I didn't end up eating that. I had this brilliant idea just before I was about to hop off the bus on the way home -- have breakfast dinner (for those working in the graveyard…


2012 is a great year indeed. This will be the icing on the cake. After 5 albums, changing band members and going back to the old members but definitely with new sound, they are finally coming here!
Start spreading the good news!

BonChon + Crazy Crepes

Went out again with friends from work (Woohoo! See, we're outgoing!) yesterday. We all met up at SM Mall of Asia after their shifts and had lunch at BonChon. I recommended BonChon to John and he wanted everybody to try the food there. I was glad that they liked it, even the Korean yogurt.

Over exposed. Randy behind the camera.
Yep. Confirmed. They love BonChon.
Original plan was to watch Underworld 3. And again, we changed our minds. First, it was ice skating (LOL, can't imagine myself!) but since Zel needs to go home early, we decided to just crash at John and Randy's place to have a few drinks.

Pre-Valentine's Food Trip: Bubba Gump

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

This is probably one of the most famous lines from the movie Forrest Gump and probably one of the most well known lines from a movie on our time. But this restaurant ain’t about the chocolates, it’s shrimp!

My brother has recommended this restaurant to me before and I’ve been reading great reviews that’s why I’ve been meaning to give this place a try for quite a while and last Thursday, we finally did. Treated ourselves to a scrumptious, full meal as a pre-Valentine's celebration as well since we will not be seeing each other this week.

The restaurant’s interior was really cool, adding to the ambience, complete with metal buckets, fish nets and the whole nine yards.

For starters, we ordered the Old Fashioned Deviled Eggs. Who doesn’t like deviled eggs, right? Their version is much yummier since it had onion and bacon bits sprinkled on top of it. They certainly know the good stuff.

I had the Mama’s Southern Fried Chicken for the main course while he ordered the Bourbon Street Fish. We ordered different meats since we wanted to try not only the shrimps but the chicken as well.
And just to be clear, food were a bit pricey but serving was HUGE. You should be starving yourself a little before you go eat here. Hahaha.

The Classics: Subway + Auntie Anne's

Finally, I have a decent internet connection to update my blog. Our internet is temporarily disconnected and it makes me very sad, almost miserable. Hahaha. Anyway, nothing much has happened in my life as of the moment. Time goes by so fast, everything is such a blur.
Okay, so this post is gonna b…

Thoughts in my head in bullets

Camera. Wednesday. Afternoon. Finally! After much effort of convincing her, she finally said yes. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it by Wednesday. Hopefully, I could make it work for me. Hopefully, this will be the start of something.How the hell will I ever lose weight when we always g…

Pasig Lovin': Charlie's and Milky & Sunny

This will be a long post since we were sinfully gluttonous yesterday that we tried 2 places to dine in. Talk about seizing the moment!

The plan to go to The Real Thing Diner has been moved again as Cy wants me to be raving about this food joint in Pasig (Pabs is from Pasig). Well, of course, I said yes upon learning that along the road where this food joint is located, there is also a Moonleaf branch and a string of other restaurants we've never been to before.

And our food crew is growing! Haha! First, it was just Cy and myself, then Pabs and then En!

With Besplen En and our Beatles shirts! (Hehe.)
The only time I've ever been to Pasig was when I applied for a job at this certain agency/cooperative, which means I don't really know anything about the place. From Shaw (back of Teleperformance), there's a tricycle terminal to another place (Mesco?) and from there, another tricycle ride to East Kapitolyo.

I wasn't able to bring a camera so these are all shots from our mobile phones.

View from outside.

Facebook Freebie and some other things

1. Human Heart Nature Hydrating Facial Wash
"100% No Harmful Chemicals" -- That was certainly something new for a facial cleanser and I was intrigued. Been reading great reviews about this product in the blogosphere so when I went to the grocery and  found one, I went to try it. I don't really like the scent but somehow I like it because it doesn't make my face super dry. So far, so good! Give it a try, besides being harmful chemicals free, it's 100% Filipino made!

2. BonChon Korean Yogurt

It's yogurt but not really that sour, I think it tastes more like an ice cream. It was certainly delicious and a good dessert after eating 2 pieces of garlic chicken from BonChon! I hope they incorporate fruits to this or a twist of chocolate!