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Favorite Things #5

Parisian Plus Flats

Lately, I've been wearing flat shoes to work because they're literally wear and go. But the soles of the last pair I had (which was Parisian also) were already torn and tattered so I made a last minute decision (and the boyfriend insisted) last Saturday to buy a new pair so I can have something to wear this week.

These flats are super comfy because the insole has some sort of pad on it, making it feel like a cushion to the footbed! Unfortunately, the Parisian Plus line doesn't offer much variety unlike the normal ones. Yes, I can only buy from this line because they cater from size 9.5 to 11 and my feet are of a giant's... they are size 10.


At long last! Yakult tea for the win FTW! Finally had a taste of the Mango Yakult tea and I love it! It was very, very refreshing and I like how you can choose the sinkers you put on the drinks. There are a lot more drinks to try but I think I'll be sticking with the Yakult teas and the frost series as of the moment.

Slate Planner

I know when I said I preferred the Artwork doodle notebook over any other planner out there but yes, I've never seen the inside of the Slate planner when I said that. Hahaha. When I went to Gateway Mall last week, I visited Fully Booked just to browse for books. Then I saw this planner and immediately wanted to buy it. I am no artist but I can appreciate pretty stuff when I see them. And I thought every page was really fun and will make you want to write something for the rest of the end of days. That's why planners are made, right? It's 2012, let's live creatively!

The Amazing Book and Document Holder

Seriously, why haven't I thought of buying this before?


I find this website fun, hip and informative. I always love checking out their Top 10 lists for Eat+Drink, Entertainment and Shopping+Services! Most of the restaurants recommended here are on my list of places to visit.

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