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2012 Plans & Goals

Before we get to the serious part, let me share first how I spent the first day of the supposed year the world ends. I was so miserable and pathetic at work during my December 31st shift, I promise myself I'd get drunk on the 1st of January. You see, I pity myself on New Year's eve because I was just staring out the window of our office watching the fireworks paint the night sky with the most happy colors and patterns. I also got a bit teary-eyed when my mom sent me an SMS at 12 midnight to greet me Happy New Year.

We all got over that sad feeling eventually and I was happy because January 1st was my rest day.

To make it short: Mission accomplished! I was tipsy drunk! Hahaha!

Pabz, me and Cy at a nearby convenience store

My not so drunk face.
Now, onto my goals and plans this year:

Have a savings account. Yes! Trisha is being an adult on the first days of 2012! I was glad to have some left over from the December payouts. At this age, I really should have my own savings account. Just have to start thinking two steps ahead.

Lose weight. You may find it funny that this is on my list. I'm sorry but I'm really having a hard time pulling this off, at least keeping the pounds off for a long time. I want to get into a serious diet or a gym program that my doctor will approve. I don't want shortcuts on losing weight anymore. I am so serious on this one.

Enroll in Multimedia Arts School. Seriously, I don't think I will stay in the industry for a long time. I'm not quitting anytime soon, though. But a back up plan is always important. And this is what I would like to learn and do. My mom already approved, now, I just need the funds to do this.

Travel. I would really like to go out more. Out of town trips please! I've never even been out of Luzon for crying out loud! So I must really start exploring the Philippines before I even go out of the country. I believe there's a lot of beautiful places in this country that I've never been to. Boo me!

A photo project perhaps? Let's see if I can make this happen. Nothing grand, just a personal collection of photos from my everyday life.

Continue blogging/come up with a new layout. Of course, I need to have things changed around here, maybe, sometime in the middle of the year.

These are the ones at the top of my head right now. We all hope and pray that this year will not be the real end of the world because, really, there are so much things left undone! I hope this will be a kind year to me. I'm not expecting anything grand to happen (like win the lottery, but that would be awesome!), just be a little better and more positive.

What are the things you want to accomplish this year?


  1. ay another one is "hindi na magpapaloko" =p

  2. @Enaj - Yep. Losing weight is number one! Be wiser is number two! Hahaha!

  3. Yeah that's the right word BE WISER hahaha!! Papayat din tayo kaya natin yan


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